WhichVoIP announcers international partnership

The partnership will see the International site leverage off the local operation to extend services into African countries, and allow for Business and Residential users to look toward WhichVoIP to connect them with Solution Providers in their local vicinity.

“We have always seen significant opportunity in Africa for the benefits and cost savings that VoIP brings to users and been eager to formally extend services to these markets. WhichVoIP.co.za will help us achieve this goal a lot quicker and provide the in-country knowledge and expertise to help best serve African users. Our Values and Missions are aligned – we’re after the same things, which is always a strong foundation in a partnership. We’re encouraged and very excited by what the SA guys are doing so we look forward to the Partnership and ultimately helping African users benefit from VoIP technology”, says Mike B, Director at WhichVoIP.com.

Commenting on the Partnership, local site founder, Mitchell Barker said “We are proud to be associated with WhichVoIP.com who lead the way in online VoIP Provider research, comparison and rating services. Each day thousands of visitors from all over the world point their browser to WhichVoIP.com to assist them with their Technology Evaluations, thus easing the Decision making process. The idea of collating competitive information and demystifying the technology by presenting this in a relevant and simple to understand way, means that VoIP Value Proposition becomes better understood, which in turn results in a quicker adoption”.

WhichVoIP.co.za allows users investigate VoIP technology in South Africa, Evaluate providers through a Research Report and Comparison Tool, and produces an accurate Quotation that features an ROI (return on investment) calculation with indicative fixed and variable costs for their chosen VoIP provider. WhichVoIP then close the loop by facilitating an introduction between provider and customer.

The Site also boasts a repository for all things VoIP, and a Forum for users to interact, as well as follow their chosen VoIP providers in the News Aggregation section. There is a Directory of credible VoIP providers, and interesting Articles and Guides.

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WhichVoIP announcers international partnership