appMobi Releases Web App Packager Tool for Chrome

appMobi, the company behind the most widely deployed HTML5 development tool stack, announced the immediate availability of the appMobi Chrome App Packager in the Google Chrome Web Store, adding another new Web development tool to its arsenal. The appMobi Chrome App Packager enables Web developers to build and “package” Web apps and browser extensions properly for easy submission to the Google Chrome Web Store, a feature that is not available from Google’s own development tools.

Combined with appMobi’s XDK (also available for free in the Chrome store), the appMobi Chrome App Packager gives HTML5 app developers the ability to create apps for the Apple, Android and Chrome app stores using a single HTML5 code base.

“The appMobi Chrome App Packager fills a very specific need in the Chrome marketplace,” said appMobi CTO, Sam Abadir.

“It’s a tool that we created initially for our own use, and then we realized that everyone in the HTML5 development world could benefit from it. It can be used to package both hosted and non-hosted apps. By using the appMobi Chrome App Packager, developers also gain access to appMobi’s cloud services like push messaging and in-app purchasing, which are otherwise unavailable to Web apps and browser plugins.”

appMobi provides development tools and services that complete HTML5 as a mobile platform, bringing it on par with iOS and Android as a fully capable mobile platform.

appMobi’s post-deployment cloud services include user authentication, in-app payments, rich media push messaging, user analytics and live app updates. With over 41,000 mobile apps built using appMobi technology and over 1,000 new developers from all over the world joining daily, appMobi has rapidly become the world’s most popular HTML5 development tool stack.

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appMobi Releases Web App Packager Tool for Chrome