MDM partners with Expressor Software

Expressor Software delivers a comprehensive design, development and deployment platform that assists companies with support of their data integration applications, from tactical data migrations to data warehouses and predictive analytics, while remaining extremely cost effective.

Master Data Management’s Gary Allemann says, “Surveys show that cost is a significant inhibitor for the take up of data integration software.

Companies are tired of having to spend millions on software, millions more on massive servers to support the load, and even more millions on scarce IT staff.”

Expressor Software’s innovative approach provides an alternative

Expressor Software’s approach is to enable data aware business users to build their own data integration processes. This removes the dependency on expensive, specialist IT staff that are necessary with many older Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) platforms – significantly reducing the total cost of ownership.

“A hidden benefit is that these technical staff frequently do not understand the business relevance of data,” explains Allemann. “Enabling business users to develop data integration processes reduces the need for technical analysis as these are the users that already understand how the target data must behave.”

Expressor Software’s unique sematic framework enables the rapid development and reuse of Data Integration processes – another cost saver.

Says Allemann, “Assume for example, that your business gets regular feeds of product data from multiple suppliers – each providing fundamentally the same information but in slightly differing formats and structures depending in the supplier. The sematic layer allows you to very quickly and easily map each feed to your corporate standard and reuse all existing data flows.

Expressor offers cost effective alternatives for project teams that would otherwise have looked at writing SQL code or other, more labour intensive approaches. From the free desk top Studio to the fully supported Standard server edition the suite provides choices to suit any budget.

Unleash you project team’s potential by downloading your free copy of Expressor Studio today.

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MDM partners with Expressor Software