Metalogix Archive Manager now available from Soarsoft

Soarsoft Africa has announced the availability of Metalogix Archive Manager 5.0 for increased archiving user productivity.  Metalogix Software is a provider in content lifecycle management (CLM) solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange, and legacy environments.

Says Chris Hathaway, Director at local distributor Soarsoft Africa, “The local market will benefit significantly from this latest iteration in Metalogix’s Archive Manager software as we have seen a phenomenal uptake in Smartphones in the local market. Many businesses executives require unlimited access to email as mobility gains traction.  These users can automatically lower the content of their Exchange mailboxes with most of their historical data access actually being handled from the Metalogix archive.”

The new Metalogix Archive Manager 5.0 includes significant new features which both accelerate product performance and enhance the ease-of-use and effectiveness of eDiscovery and administrative procedures.

Key new features include:

• Enhanced Mobile Device Support – The new optimised archive interface lets users conveniently and comfortably search, access and manage all their email and archived file data from a variety of Smartphone and other devices including iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and Symbian mobile platforms. This feature greatly extends the benefits of Metalogix Archive Manager’s pre-existing unified search for all archived user data, including email, files, and SharePoint data.

• Live Email Data Search – Archive Manager’s powerful indexing and search functionality can now be extended to include “live” email data in the Exchange primary store in addition to data already in the archive. This feature expands the number of users who can now perform advanced content search and eDiscovery through a sole process with a single solution.

• Outlook 2011 Support – Mac users can now move beyond Entourage to use Outlook 2011 clients with the full benefits of transparent archiving and access to email and email attachments.

• Single-Instance Storage Extended to Handle Embedded Attachments – Archive Manager’s powerful Single Instance Storage feature has been enhanced to eliminate a data redundancy scenario when journaling is used and reduces the storage requirement for attachments by as much as 85%.

“The new Metalogix Archive Manager release positions our customers to exploit two growing productivity trends in content mobility and eDiscovery,”

says Steven Murphy, CEO, Metalogix. “First, mobility has revolutionised corporate collaboration and now, with the great ergonomic design of our browser-based mobile access interface, our customers’ end-users can comfortably and efficiently access all their data from anywhere. Second, the upgrade to include  live email search, in addition to our fast index archive searching capabilities, now expands our customers’ ability to use Archive Manager as a single, fast and easy solution to quickly find and properly document and secure all relevant content  in response to both internal and external demands such as legal eDiscovery.”

Metalogix Archive Manager is used by more than 4,500 customers worldwide to optimise Exchange and SharePoint performance and infrastructure and enables users to quickly and easily perform compliant searches of their user data assets.

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Metalogix Archive Manager now available from Soarsoft