iLAB gets BEE level 3 rating

“Black economic empowerment is something real at iLAB. BEE is not about window dressing. It’s about empowering others through these important initiatives and adding true value to our business. It is through BEE and other actions that we are able to truly build a stronger South Africa”, says iLAB Director, Jethro Lloyd.

For customers, the new rating means that they can improve their own BEE rating by doing business with iLAB – a company that is committed to the principles of broad-based black economic empowerment. “We are constantly looking at ways of improving our rating”, adds Lloyd.

He says, “Our newest rating is a true reflection of our on-going commitment to sustainable empowerment across all the elements of the BEE rating system – including management, transformation, preferential procurement, CSI and skills development”.

This announcement follows the acquisition of software testing company Test and Data Services and the remaining 50% of iLAB LLC .

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iLAB gets BEE level 3 rating