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The aim of the campaign is to contribute to positive social change by helping the educational sector utilise technology to be more efficient.

This means that parents fed-up with receiving mountains of paper-based communication can nominate any school to receive a pMailer account with 6 000 free email credits per month, forever. Prefix Technologies is also subsidising use of pMailer’s SMS communication tool at a flat rate of 20c per SMS, no matter how many text messages are sent to parents.

The company’s Tech for Schools campaign aims to contribute to positive social change by encouraging schools to use technology to be more efficient and environmentally-friendly.

“We all know that education is in crisis in this country and that our future depends on our ability to produce excellent school graduates. Prefix Technologies wants to make a contribution to this mighty task by providing bulk electronic communications technology to schools that have hitherto relied on paper-based communication with parents and learners. We need the help of this community to make sure we reach them all,” says Walter Penfold, Managing Director of Prefix Technologies.

Penfold says its pMailer software can help schools cut costs by reducing the amount of paper and postage they use, while also lowering the administrative burden of communication.

More important, pMailer allows the school to target its communications accurately and easily, and one should not underestimate its ability to help build the supportive, involved parent community that all good schools need. “A tool like pMailer is useful for routine communications like timetables and updates, and it can be invaluable when the school has a crisis on its hands and needs to get information out to parents quickly. We’re making a really effective business tool available to schools and I’m sure they will find many ways to use it,” says Penfold.

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pMailer free for schools – Prefix Technologies