Compro detail home monitoring solutions

The smartConnect Technology Compro introduced on its network cameras has eliminated the networking setup required during camera installation. Compro smartConnect technology allows you to set up an IP camera in under 5 minutes in 8 steps. smartConnect lets you use one user ID and password to view and share multiple IP cameras on web browsers, instant messengers, iPhone/iPad, Android phone, and Facebook.

Compro smartConnect technology offers many exclusive features:

1. Plug-n-Play Functionality: Unlike other IP cameras, installing Compro IP cameras with smartConnect Technology does not require any networking expertise. Nor is any sort of router setup required upon purchase – simply plug in the cables, install the camera software, and then you can instantly view and share your Compro IP camera anywhere, anytime.

2. Seedonk Instant Messenger: Seedonk Instant Messenger is a camera viewing and managing tool that provides a friendly user experience similar to that of Skype and Windows Messenger. The easy-to-use program enables users to view and share cameras using Friends list, take snapshots, record live camera video, and chat with friends.

3. Mobile Surveillance App on iPhone/iPad/Android Phone: Compro smartConnect Technology provides a cell phone surveillance app available free on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android market. Just sign in to your Seedonk mobile app, and you gain instant access to all your Compro IP cameras. The app allows you to save camera snapshots and video on your smartphone, and communicate live with the monitored site via voice. The Seedonk mobile app lets you easily check in on your house, shop, restaurant, office, etc, at anytime and from anywhere.


4. Facebook App: Compro smartConnect Technology includes a Seedonk Facebook app for conveniently viewing and sharing camera video on the most popular social website. Using the app, you can easily share the live video of your baby, pets, party, wedding, or any other important events with your Facebook friends around the world. Businesses can also use the app and Compro IP cameras to reach out to more customers and promote corporate image with live video streaming.

Compro smartConnect Technology powered by Seedonk is available on the following models: Compro IP55, IP60, IP70, IP540, and IP540P network cameras.

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Compro detail home monitoring solutions