Panasonic launches “The Earth Witnesses” Project with National Geographic

Panasonic Corporation has announced a new venture with National Geographic, the world-renowned scientific and educational organization. Panasonic has named the project “The Earth’s Witnesses,” and it will support the global research explorations conducted by National Geographic’s Emerging Explorers and Young Explorers.

National Geographic has long fascinated the world with breathtakingly beautiful photos of its global explorations — chronicling nature, peoples and culture. The research and conservation activities of National Geographic to preserve these assets have helped to raise awareness of global conservation in people worldwide.

National Geographic Emerging Explorers are visionary, innovative scientists and trailblazers who are pushing the boundaries of discovery, adventure and global problem-solving. The Young Explorers Grants program supports individuals between the ages of 18 and 25 in their pursuit of research, exploration and conservation-based field projects.

“The Earth’s Witnesses” project will be supporting the work of Emerging Explorers like wildlife biologist Aparajita Datta, who is exploring the conservation challenges facing the tropical forest of India’s Arunachal Pradesh region — one of the world’s last vast tracts of wilderness — and the complex issues confronting the tribal Lisu people who call it home; and the work of Young Explorers like biologist Greg Smith and photographer Drew Fulton, who are working to conserve the cloud forest of Costa Rica.

The new joint venture and on activities supported by “The Earth’s Witnesses” project, including videos and photographs made with Panasonic’s LUMIX cameras in the field will be available at both Panasonic and National Geographic official websites.

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Panasonic launches “The Earth Witnesses” Project with National Geographic