Peopleplus launches Free HR and Payroll software for business

The company describes this offering as having been “born on the web”, and that it shifts a huge amount of value away from incumbent providers, to the benefit of business customers, by using Software as a Service (SaaS), thereby making significant productive HR and Payroll functionality available on screen for free such as Disciplinary Procedures, in addition to the ability to print a payslip for free.

“Only pay for further Premium modules, such as those that give you efficiency, communications, risk reduction or put cash in your pocket. This is a model that has been widely used in consumer markets but is seldom seen in business applications.” Says Rodney De Villiers, CEO of PeoplePlus and Talenger Holdings (Pty) Ltd.

“The structure of the offering enables the business customer the ability to self select any high value or efficiency functionality, in a Modular manner and thus can directly control their costs (to suite purse or purpose),” further explains De Villiers.

“For certain employee bands and premium module selections, PeoplePlus is offerred at a discount of between 30 to 80% on market prices, that means that in some cases Peopleplus’s price is as low as 20% of the other offerings,” Says Richard Baird an independent consultant to PeoplePlus. “The drastic reduction of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of funding and operating your own HR and Payroll IT, such as power, security, updates, back-ups, anti-virus, lost data, stolen equipment, staffing and consultants; not to mention your time and increased stress;  is why the PeoplePlus solution just blows away the traditional desktop vendors by orders of magnitude,” he continues.

“By way of example under premium pricing, the smallest businesses start at only R64pm for a full report writer & BI (Business Intelligence). Thus PeoplePlus charges a monthly fee, based only on what is selected above the free modules, being what they need or only what is of value to them. The offering has no long term contracts and no upfront payment or waiting for expensive consultants.”

When asked how support works for free users, De Villiers explains, “We only have telephone support as a paid premium service, but with our ease of use, full contextual help, contextual videos, policy, procedure and contract templates, not to mention the “practical how to” guides you probably will not need it.”

“Although the PeoplePlus offering is initially targeted at the 1-200 employee sized company, we can service any sized company and have listed companies amongst our clients. Larger companies usually contact us directly to see how much more we can offer them. Employers are seeing and likely will see more workplace militancy and difficulties than in the past and that can pose a huge risk to any businesses cash flow and ultimately its survival. Not using a properly proven web based HR and Payroll system, opens up a business to IT risks and costs, not to mention risks of general non-compliance or potentially massive adverse awards against it at the CCMA and other legal forums.”

“The proven big business technology, functionality, ease of use, “Right now” access and the exceptional value, make the PeoplePlus “Freemium” offering extremely hard for any business large or small to ignore. Larger businesses can easily upload bulk employee data files, whilst the smallest of businesses can get registered “Right Now” with their first employee active and a free payslip printed in minutes,” says Baird.

“There is also no need to wait until you tax year end to switch to PeoplePlus as the system can take on year to date balances and has the ability to do full tax reporting at the tax year end,” concludes De Villiers.

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Peopleplus launches Free HR and Payroll software for business