Gijima signs Entuity as Hosting Service Partner

Entuity is a leading UK and US-based independent provider of innovative management and service delivery solutions for networks, supporting small, medium-sized and global enterprises.

Its product, EYE, is a comprehensive and tightly-integrated network management software suite that helps deliver predictability and control, enabling companies and system integrators to manage network services and assets, meet service level commitments, and implement best practices in service delivery. The tool also includes powerful built-in features and modules to view the network from a business perspective, allowing network managers and administrators to spend more time focusing on business innovation.

Gijima’s adoption and effective utilisation of EYE means that it can now offer end-to-end management of network devices as a service, without the customer having to buy any licences or dedicate any staff resources to focus on their network. This is in line with Gijima’s customer-centric focus.

The implementation of EYE also means Gijima’s Hosting Services division is now able to achieve greater control over its network management capabilities, as well as benefit from significant automation improvements that streamline processes by retiring their traditional single function, silo-based monitoring tools.

For Gijima’s customers, says Sakkie Joubert, Gijima’s Business Unit Manager: Design & Build, the integration of EYE means customers can now effortlessly determine exactly what network devices are in their network and most importantly how they are performing.

“This will enable them to predict and manage their network’s performance and build an asset list of all their equipment,” says Joubert. “The offering also allows the number of network devices to increase or decrease as the client demands change.”

How the solution works is that as events and thresholds are reached, EYE integrates with a service desk (remedy) to log incidents and seamlessly tasks the relevant support resources to rectify the event or threshold.

“Dashboards are created to customers’ specifications enabling them to view the relevant information at a click of a button or have the information on display screens updating as required,” says Joubert.

The challenge in the past was that the topology picture (what devices were on the network and how they were connected) was never 100% accurate due to the fact the various monitoring tools were not integrated and did not offer continual device discovery. Clients were also unaware of the performance of their network devices and would often be surprised when something failed.

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Gijima signs Entuity as Hosting Service Partner