Mimecast’s Unified Email Management Solution wins Gold in Product Review

Mimecast, the leading supplier of cloud-based email archiving , continuity and security for Microsoft Exchange and Office 365, has  announced that its Unified Email Management (UEM) product has been confirmed as a MSExchange Gold Award winner following a detailed product review.  The reviewer, Exchange MVP and creator of ExclusivelyExchange.com J. Peter Bruzzese, recognised the platform’s ease of use, and its deep levels of functionality, flexibility and integration.

“I found Mimecast’s UEM solution to be overwhelming… in a good way. An all-in-one with features that really just take the worry out of your hands as an administrator,” said Bruzzese in his review. “Everything from legal compliance, to backup/recovery concerns, to having your server go down, to worrying about someone accidentally emailing something sensitive like credit card numbers… all of it [is] wrapped up in one bundle.”

Operated via a unique Administration Console that provides management tools for the entire suite of cloud-based services, Bruzzese’s assessment of the core aspects of UEM represent a powerful endorsement of Mimecast’s focus on removing complexity for Exchange admins and optimising the end-user experience:

Archiving – The combination of real-time archiving and the ability for employees and administrators to both easily access archived messages was recognized by Bruzzese as a useful, unique feature for end users
Continuity – Bruzzese noted that Mimecast’s ability to provide full online access to email and calendar services even during an outage was a valuable piece of functionality. The embedded archiving also replaces the painstaking dial-tone recovery of messages and automates the process – a tremendous help in getting a business back to full speed quickly.
Security – Spam and malware protection is provided within the Mimecast suite, but what really set UEM apart for Bruzzese was its ability to contextually block protected information from inadvertently leaving a company’s walls without administrative approval (e.g. credit card numbers or social security information.)

Neil Murray, CTO of Mimecast, said: “We have had a good run of success with industry awards over the last couple of years, but ultimately the products we build are designed to make the lives of IT Managers, Sys Admins and Exchange Managers easier,” said Neil Murray, Mimecast CTO and co-founder.  “So to receive this level of validation from within the Exchange community is particularly gratifying.

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Mimecast’s Unified Email Management Solution wins Gold in Product Review