– Student networking site launches

Student networking site, allows students to share information, exam tips, notes and more with other students in their university and others around the world studying the same subjects as them.

This will allow students to sort out any issues they have with their subject matter instantly with the click of a button in the comfort of their own study. There is a calander function that ensures students will stay up to date with all academic and social events. The calander will be updated with upcoming social events from the student’s university and other educational institutions in the student’s area. This allows students to enjoy the university life of various universities giving them a full student life.

With the sigmaCV application, sigmasurf will help students find vac work, part time work and post university employment. the students CV will be distributed to companies in their chosen sector. Sigmasurf runs on a peer rating system, meaning other users will rate your notes, advice and tips. The higher one’s rating on the site, the higher up the sigmaCV list one will go. This means that one’s chances of employment will be dramatically increased.

“We have launched phase 1 of the site, and opened up pre-registrations for students. This will help us determine at which universities we will initially launch,” says Sigmasurf.

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