Standard Bank to launch SA’s first web TV project

Standard Bank is poised to be a pioneer in the Web TV domain with a decision to invest in excess of R2 million in establishing, and flighting, an educational and entertainment web portal – also to be flighted on free-to-air TV channel eTV – in a move to attract more young customers.

The project, described as “ground-breaking” in the web TV industry by Andrew Aitken, a managing director of IP video specialist, Antfarm is to be launched as the bank’s Student Achiever web portal, a portal which will be providing a host of “intriguing educational, sport, banking and entertainment input for the younger market”.

Backed by a live TV show on eTV, which will be providing constant references to the Student Achiever portal, the bank will also be using well-know personalities, such as DJ Cleo and musician Thandiswa Mazwai, to attract a more youthful audience.

Specific TV slots, to be flighted on eTV, will be dedicated to airing a specific show centering on the new portal.  In terms of the deal, eTV will be providing the content, while Antfarm will be providing “all the necessary technology to enable the smooth distribution of on-line video content”, said Aitken.

“Internet TV is a fast-growing phenomenon and we will see this becoming a day-to-day thing in modern life, especially as more wireless broadband becomes available – which is now happening,” said Standard Bank.

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Standard Bank to launch SA’s first web TV project