DiaMatrix is SA’s first domain registrar

The last week has delivered two South African firsts for DiaMatrix, last Thursday the company became the first Registrar after passing all UniForum’s tests with flying colours. And yesterday they became the first Registrar in South Africa to register a domain into the live environment.

The EPP system is an internationally adopted standard that provides a simpler and more secure means of managing domain administration. Currently, South Africa is using the legacy email based domain name registration system but this will over time fall away.

Co.Za Registry Services, a division of UniForum SA has incorporated this authorative EPP system and will only allow qualifying Registrars access to it. In order to become a Registrar and successfully pass all UniForum’s tests can take up to six months’ of advanced development.

Alternatively, DiaMatrix’s multi-registrar, multi-reseller system will allow all ISP / Companies and any co.za domain holders to become registrars through Domains.Co.Za (www.domains.co.za) within 24-hours.

DiaMatrix will be able to offer access to UniForum’s EPP system through their white label solution called Domains.Co.Za (www.domains.co.za). Domains.Co.Za will launch as soon as UniForum gives the “thumbs-up” to allow for multiple Registrars.

The benefits of UniForum’s new EPP system include:

  • Reduced costs: All Registrars using this system will have a reduced domain registration / renewal cost
  • An accreditation system which requires registrar approval and compliance with EPP standards
  • Increased security, ensuring authorised registrars access to the management of their domains
  • Ease of use through open industry standard protocols
  • Reduced administration of having to deal with the previous legacy domain registration and maintenance system
  • Wildly adopted and accepted means of communication through various tried and tested international standards
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DiaMatrix is SA’s first domain registrar