CA Southern Africa delivers VMware vSphere 5 capacity management solution

Companies can facilitate their migration to VMware vSphere 5 by using CA Virtual Placement and Balancing, a new solution that helps consolidate virtual machines, hosts and clusters for decreased upgrade costs and streamlined operations.

VSphere 5 allows VMware customers to take advantage of more computing capacity and memory in their virtual environments. This is an opportunity for customers to get better economies of scale from their virtualisation investments.

“It’s important for customers to use current capacity as efficiently as possible to maximise their virtualisation investment,” says Andrea Lodolo, CTO at CA Southern Africa. “Consolidating workloads and designing clusters for performance is difficult. CA solutions automate the process using unique, predictive analytics. This is important to customers either consolidating their workloads or migrating to a new environment.”

Customers who plan to upgrade to VMware vSphere 5 stand to benefit from consolidating their virtual machines, hosts and clusters, as this will help optimise the cost. However, they cannot predict how their hosts and workloads will perform through consolidation.

CA Virtual Placement and Balancing uses advanced predictive analytics designed to accurately project how resources will be affected as transaction volumes or other circumstances change. Using these predictions, the solution automatically produces a prescription for configuration of the virtual landscape.

“CA Virtual Placement and Balancing helps customers safely consolidate and rebalance their virtual environments as they prepare for a successful and economical migration to VMware vSphere 5,” says Lodolo. “The solution identifies over- and under-utilised resources and prescribes specific changes to optimise the use of existing resources. It also helps automate design and configuration of virtual clusters, a very difficult and time consuming effort.”

With virtualisation being a common element in most networks and VMware often the technology of choice to implement it, the new CA solution provides essential support for customers aiming to obtain the best results from their investment.

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CA Southern Africa delivers VMware vSphere 5 capacity management solution