Jasco partnered with Bytes to overhaul Indwe network

As one of South Africa’s prominent financial services organisations, Indwe Risk Services required a fast, responsive network and communications infrastructure in order to service its clients effectively. The company also needed a stable and reliable voice recording solution in order to mitigate the risk involved with providing telephonic advice. With a legacy infrastructure and mixed telephony platforms across sites, Indwe’s system was failing to deliver on business requirements.  They turned to Jasco Enterprise Applications and Bytes Systems Integration to provide the solution.

After winning the tender process to replace the Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure and implement a full Cisco IP telephony solution, Bytes Systems Integration partnered with Jasco Enterprise Applications, experts in voice recording and management solutions, to deliver the required system. To complement the new infrastructure and standardised telephony across branches provided by Bytes SI, Jasco Enterprise Applications integrated the Libra Voice Recorder and Nexus Distributed Framework Solution, enabling Indwe to take advantage of a full featured voice and communications solution as well as centralised management – with the convenience of a cloud hosted service.

Says Simon Hudson, Executive Head: Business Improvement & Group CIO, Indwe Broker Holdings, “It made sense for us to address our compliance and risk issues when we embarked on the project to upgrade our infrastructure and implement an IP telephony solution.  As a financial services organisation, telecommunciations forms a vital part of Indwe’s business and voice recording underpins our ability to comply with legislation and mitigate risk. We relied on Bytes SI to provide us with the technology partnerships that would meet these requirements.”

“We chose to partner with Jasco Enterprise Applications on this project because the products they deliver offer superior performance, ease of manageability and excellent remote support capabilities. Our existing long-term relationship with the company sealed the deal,” says Patrick Hastings, Divisional Managing Director for Advanced Technology Services at Bytes Systems Integration.

The project involved replacing the existing, out of date infrastructure, with a new Cisco network at 30 distributed sites, implementing the IP telephony system and then integrating the voice recording solution with the management platform to deliver a seamless solution for the end users at Indwe. The new solution creates a homogenous environment across sites, for simplified management and administration. With this centralised management, all recorded calls are pooled and archived to a central site, ensuring these recordings are always easily accessible and available should they be required. Call tagging software was added to ensure that customer details could be attached to recordings to allow archives to be easily searched to access data.

“Voice recording is a vital component for compliance to the Financial Services Act, the Consumer Protection Act and various other legislation. The Libra solution with Nexus management enables Indwe to securely record, store and access all voice transactions through a unified, centralised system, helping them to manage their own internal risk as well as comply with prevailing legislation. Along with the Cisco network delivered by Bytes, the new infrastructure enables Indwe to process customer transactions more efficiently, delivering better customer service, faster access to data and all of the benefits of a full featured IP telephony solution,” says Kgabo Badimo, Divisional Managing Director of Jasco Enterprise Applications.

The solution provided to Indwe delivers a full private cloudbased service linked into the BytesNet cloud, and all alerts related to voice transactions are currently processed through the Bytes Operation Centre. After some delays over the World Cup period in 2010, the phased implementation of the new solution was completed in January of 2011 and has been running smoothly since.

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Jasco partnered with Bytes to overhaul Indwe network