1toGo announces Cloud Communications service

1toGo provides service providers including telcos, MVNOs, ISPs and OTT operators a ‘quick time to value’ opportunity to generate VAS revenue from their assets by offering their clients a unique experience and value proposition.

Powered by CommuniGate Systems’ carrier grade unified communications technology, 1toGo’s easy to use services are designed for end users such as consumers, prosumers, travellers, SOHO/SMEs, diasporas, expatriates and communities.

These services include location-, network- and device independent HD Voice personal phone numbers with direct inward dialing numbers (DIDs), a single email address and a single secure file storage space in the Cloud for storing and sharing information such as presentations, music/podcasts, photos and videos with colleagues and friends.

Other features include shared calendars, address books, social media integration, instant messaging/presence, video chat/conferencing,  whiteboard and salesforce.com integration.

1toGo also provides user friendly access to messages such as emails (including emails in remote IMAP, POP3 and MS Exchange accounts), voicemails, SMSs and faxes as well as a range of call control features via its user interface called Pronto!. This interface may also be used by existing IMAP, POP3 and MS Exchange account holders requiring access to IP telephony services.

Clients will be able to enjoy 1toGo’s services on their desktops, via their Web browsers or on their smartphones/tablets. Partners wishing to implement 1toGo’s solutions may choose between 1toGo’s Cloud services or its ‘1toGo in a Box’ solution. ‘1toGo in a Box’ is a turn-key ‘pay as you grow’ solution providing partners with the necessary hardware, software, business models and consulting services to enable them to host 1toGo’s Cloud service platform quickly and effortlessly in their own data centers for their own account.

‘1toGo in a Box’ and its integrated billing supports multiple business models. These include pre- and post paid telephony and services as well as support for scratch card vouchers, thus enabling the provision of services to markets ranging from the low end consumer mass market through to smartphone users and high end services for fans of Apple and Android tablets.

1toGo’s federation of local partners allows these partners to enjoy the benefits of being part of a larger alliance while serving and billing their customers locally taking local conditions into account.

‘1toGo in a Box’ thus differentiates 1toGo from most Cloud service providers  and supports its desire to think globally but act locally by making its services available to users in developing regions whose needs and required payment options are not met by Cloud service providers in developed regions.

“1toGo enables service providers to offer their end users a unique experience without having to invest in infrastructure and resources” says Nigel Sinclair Thomson, CEO of 1toGo. Adds Shane Abraham, Technical Director of 1toGo, “‘1toGo in a Box’ is the ideal VAS solution for service providers in emerging markets where time to market is important and a lack of required technical skills makes it difficult to integrate several solutions”.

“The telecoms market is going through some really interesting changes, and the opportunity for new telecom-enabled businesses like 1toGo is staggering” believes Carlo Petrolo, Middle East and Africa Manager of CommuniGate Systems. “ Focusing on niche markets, across virtually any network, 1toGo can easily target the requirements and features that are relevant and valuable for its users. CommuniGate Systems’ technology, CommuniGate Pro is the industry’s most cost effective and only truly integrated unified communications platform that enables MVNOs and OTT providers like 1toGo to go to market quickly with really low overheads”.

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1toGo announces Cloud Communications service