Mobility key for greater business productivity

The mobile entrepreneur has come a long way from the days when he or she could only remain in contact with customers, colleagues and suppliers via a cellphone.

And mobile computing has progressed significantly since working out of the office meant remembering to download documents from the office server to a notebook PC.

Today, what used to be regarded as “dead” time – any time away from the office – can now be highly productive time.

“In fact,” says Andre Joubert, GM of MWEB Business, “it is quite possible to run your entire business from wherever you happen to be – your home, an airport lounge or ‘killing time’ between meetings in a coffee shop.”

What gives today’s smart entrepreneur mobility is high speed 3G Services, a proliferation of Wi-Fi Hotspots and the “Cloud”.

“The anywhere, anytime and more affordable broadband connectivity that’s available today ensures that your office – your server, your data files, your software applications, your email, everything you would normally access from your desk – is right there with you when you need it,” he explains.

MWEB Business offers entrepreneurs a variety of wireless connections, one of which is a high-speed 3G solution that utilises one of the major cellular networks. Your connection speed and your choice of modem will control how quickly data gets to your computer.

MWEB’s Access Point Name (APN) technology comes to the fore if you are looking for a wireless solution to access your confidential data from a remote site. This delivers the best of both worlds – the freedom of cellular mobility without the complexity or burden of software based Virtual Private Network (VPN) adapters.

According to Joubert, MWEB’s robust, secure network infrastructure has a direct fibre link into Vodacom’s GPRS network.

Once your MWEB Business APN connection has been set up, you connect into the cellular network in the normal way.

Your data then gets routed across the secure fibre link into the MWEB Business network from where you can securely and seamlessly access your company’s local or wide area network, email systems as well as other Cloud type applications.

“That’s true business mobility,” Joubert concludes.

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Mobility key for greater business productivity