Olivine Industries use Softline VIP

Currently we have 600 permanent employees in addition to the odd 400 contract employees that are stationed across the major centres in Zimbabwe,” says Victor Nkomo, the Human Resource Director at Olivine Industries.  “Essentially, we needed an HR system that is robust enough to grow as Olivine grows, and be able to support future plans of pursuing business opportunities outside of Zimbabwe.”

Munya Mazhande, and his team at Omni Africa in Harare, facilitated the implementation of Premier HR at Olivine.  Omni Africa is a leading wholesaler of branded technological hardware, peripheral equipment and software to business enterprises in the Southern African region and is a certified alliance partner to Softline VIP.  “We identified 263 different job profiles within Olivine that had to be recorded into the system.  It effectively created a blueprint in terms of skills, experience and development that will help Olivine shape its existing and future investment in its human resources and optimising the outcome thereof,” says Mazhande.

Softline VIP’s Premier HR offers fully functional HR capabilities that stretch from job management and document management to fully integrated performance management, succession planning, suitability analyses for recruitment and selection, and much more. The functionalities, flexibility and reporting capabilities of the system were of particular interest to Olivine Industries, says Gerhard Hartman, the Head of Department in Softline VIP’s Africa Division, part of the Sage Group plc.

“The implementation at Olivine Industries is well underway and is scheduled to be finalised in three month’s time,” says Hartman.  “The system will allow the client to access employee records from any location and print HR management reports. There are over 150 standard HR reports to choose from that include various summary, detail, grid analysis and graph reports.  Premier HR provides Olivine with a means of keeping a finger on the pulse of the organisation of this size and will optimise their HR efforts.”

Nkomo at Olivine says that HR planning, reporting and decision-making can now be done with accurate information that is available at the click of a button.  “Management of vacancies will now be so much easier and a great deal more accurate.  The qualifications, experience, competencies and skills that each position requires are now clearly crystallised per position.  It paves the way for effective HR administration, recruitment, selection and performance management, utilising a system that is fully integrated into our ERP System,” concludes Nkomo.

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Olivine Industries use Softline VIP