CloudSafe provides online backups for SMEs

CloudSafe, a cloud-based backup, storage and recovery solution for small to medium sized businesses, is the latest solution available from local IT company ServiceAssure.

Developed to enable businesses to backup, restore and recover business critical information from anywhere and at any time, CloudSafe can be used as a primary backup, storage and recovery solution or can be used to compliment any existing backup and storage solutions already in place.

According to Niel Malan, chief technology officer of ServiceAssure, the percentage of small to medium sized businesses that do not have sufficient backup and recovery solutions exceeds 50%. “It is concerning that so few small businesses have sufficient solutions to protect their critical information,” says Malan. “With CloudSafe, our aim is to provide small to medium sized businesses an effective and affordable solution which they can use to protect vital information and their businesses,” he says.

An advantage of CloudSafe is that it is supported by locally based support technicians, offering users quick and efficient support when needed and unlike many other backup and storage solutions, CloudSafe allows multiple users to share a backup package. “Keeping our target market in mind and the importance of good support service and cost to this market, we have been able to keep CloudSafe competitive as one package supports multiple users,” says Malan.

CloudSafe comes standard with an install Wizard making it easy to install and configure to each individual user’s requirements. Once installed, the user can ‘forget’ about manually running backups as CloudSafe performs an automatic backup based on user requirements.

CloudSafe is available through selected resellers on an annual or month-to-month basis and is available in 1GB, 2GB, 5GB, 10GB and 20GB packages.

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CloudSafe provides online backups for SMEs