Nology to demonstrate ViBE at Mybroadband conference 2011

While broadband has become considerably more available and affordable in South Africa in recent years, the challenge of last mile connectivity remains. Getting the available bandwidth from the service provider to the business or home can be expensive, and the most affordable best effort broadband links are not up to capacity, have no Quality of Service (QoS) and do not have guaranteed speeds.

Wireless connectivity is not always cost effective for the majority of businesses and home users as a full time solution and because of last mile connectivity issues ADSL is mostly oversubscribed. The upshot of this is that while we can now access more bandwidth, the majority of users remain unable to harness the capability and cost benefits of Voice over IP (VoIP).

Bottlenecks on the last mile lead to inconsistent speeds and the lack of QoS means that data always takes priority over voice traffic, with the result that VoIP calls tend to experience delay, dropped calls and  poor audio quality.

Nology, a supplier of quality security-driven broadband, networking and communication hardware and solutions in South Africa, has the answer: the Voice over Internet Broadband Enhancement technology called ViBE. ViBE is a revolutionary new technology which circumnavigates the existing bottlenecks in the last mile to deliver clear, concise VoIP even on low available bandwidth. The company will be showcasing ViBE along with a range of high quality, value for money Yealink IP phones at the 2011 MyBroadband Conference.

“The MyBroadband Conference is the premier event of the year for new developments in broadband as well as the latest trends and technology. As such it is the perfect platform to showcase our revolutionary ViBE product. We will be demonstrating this product at our stand to show visitors how it works and how it can improve their VoIP experience. To complement this we will also have a variety of Yealink IP handsets and phones at our stand,” says Ernst Ohlhoff, VoIP Business Unit Manager at Nology.

ViBE works by stripping away protocol overhead and retaining only the actual voice data, providing QoS to ensure that voice always has priority over data and allowing users to conduct four times the number of voice calls on the same amount of bandwidth. This enables high quality voice to be transmitted over low cost broadband connections, finally allowing VoIP to become a viable option in the local market. It also has intelligent redundancy management and the ability to use multiple links, providing automatic failover to another connection should the primary connection fail.

“The Yealink product suite offers a range of innovative IP phones developed by specialists in the industry, which offer excellent value for money in terms of the price to performance ratio,” says Ohlhoff. “We will be showcasing a video phone as well as a new Gigabit phone with a colour screen that is able to run on a LAN at 1Gbit per second to ensure compatibility with the latest LAN technologies.

These products and more will be on display at the Nology stand, Stand 9, at the MyBroadband Conference to be held at Vodacom World in Midrand on 26 October 2011.

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Nology to demonstrate ViBE at Mybroadband conference 2011