Samsung introduces SMX-F70 camcorder

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, has today announced the launch of the SMX-F70, a new family camcorder that provides incredible quality video at an affordable price. The SMX-F70 is the only SD camcorder on the market to offer a CMOS sensor with progressive (1280×720) recording, at 30 or 25 frames per second for NTSC or PAL systems respectively. With the SMX-F70, Samsung innovation builds premium quality recording technology and high-end features into a compact and affordable device that the whole family can use and enjoy – year after year.

The SMX-F70 enables the effortless capture of vivid and clear video, without the drawbacks of high price, cumbersome body or short battery life. It is the only SD camcorder to include a CMOS sensor, at a market-leading 5 Megapixel resolution. This incorporates a RGB primary colour filter to reproduce rich, accurate and natural coloured images. The CMOS sensor also provides protection from light smears that can appear on CCD sensors when filming bright targets such as lights or the sun. To avoid the shaky footage that many associate with home video, the SMX-F70 employs the CMOS sensor to provide Hyper Digital Image Stabilisation, significantly reducing shaking and blurring while recording.

As the only SD camcorder to incorporate progressive recording, the SMX-F70 ensures every frame of your video is sharp and clear, for smooth and seamless footage without blurring at twice the quality of conventional interlaced recording – whether being played back on the camcorder or shared on a TV or computer with family and friends. The SMX-F70 also enables HD recording, allowing users to capture dynamic video in intense detail, retaining its incredible resolution when played back on HD PC monitors. It also features a powerful 65x intelli-zoom and 52x optical zoom Schneider Kreuznach lens so that every detail can be picked up, even when focusing on a distant background scene.

The SMX-F70 is built to fit into a busy family life, with a light and compact body that is easy to keep on hand for those spontaneous shots, whether they be a baby’s first steps or a special family celebration. When needed, the SMX-F70 can also be used to take 1.9 Megapixel quality still photographs.

Mark Geldenhuys, Business Leader for Digital Imaging at Samsung Electronics South Africa, says; “With the new SMX-F70, we are proud to bring to market the first SD camcorder that offers a CMOS sensor and progressive recording. The device has been designed to put incredible movies within the grasp of all the family with an easy-to-use and affordable camcorder. Important family moments such as graduations, birthdays and sports games deserve the best quality possible, so Samsung has incorporated these premium technologies to capture these occasions in seamless, dynamic quality to be shared time and time again. The new SMX-F70 means that a busy mom or dad can effortlessly create the kind of movie quality that they would normally expect to see on TV, at a price that won’t break the bank.”

Capture every detail effortlessly

Along with the stunning quality of the video capture, the SMX-F70 includes features that allow you to exercise your creativity as you record. With the SMX-F70’s intelligent Smart Auto feature, the camcorder automatically selects one of seven shooting modes depending on the light conditions and your subject to give you the best possible picture. This incorporates Face Detection, to make sure that the faces of up to six people in the shot are kept in focus at all times, maintaining clarity in busy scenes such as parties or school plays. Additionally, with Smart Background Music (BGM), you can enjoy your videos with great background music – just like a professional production. This function lets you choose from a variety of prerecorded background music tracks and overlay them over your movie. It will also automatically adjust the music volume when speech is detected to ensure everyone’s voice is heard.

Edit and share your video without the headache

Like its predecessor the SMX-F50, the SMX-F70 has a number of features that make recording and editing your video easier than ever. Samsung’s Record Pause technology users to briefly pause while recording and then resume filming from that exact moment, avoiding the need to merge files for editing when recording is finished. When the time comes to download and edit your footage, the SMX-F70 also features built-in intelli-studio software that runs automatically when the camcorder is connected to a PC for easy editing and playback. For added convenience, the SMX-F70 can also be easily charged via USB port, reducing the need to carry around extra cables, batteries and chargers – for one swift action to download and charge before you’re ready to go again. This ‘plug and play’ feature also makes sharing easy, with instant uploads via the camcorder’s USB port.

Time lapse recording for breathtaking storytelling

The SMX-F70 features Time Lapse Recording, a fun and creative new feature that lets you capture hour upon hour of your family’s special occasions. The camcorder can be set up to take shots at intervals between one and thirty seconds, with the frames eventually spliced together to create a classic time lapse video. So, whether recording the comings and goings of a summer braai while the sun sets or showing the special effort that went into setting up a birthday party, the video you produce offers a twist on video storytelling that will be sure to entertain and impress your friends and family.

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Samsung introduces SMX-F70 camcorder