Technology assessments crucial to business efficiency

As the end of the year fast approaches, organisations strategically evaluate and examine aspects that need to be modified within their business models, to continue to drive innovation and competitiveness into the coming year. While operational and financial features are key in this regard, it is critical to evaluate the technology infrastructure, according to MTN Business.

Says Justin Colyn, general manager of Fixed Mobile Convergence at MTN Business; “Technology capability and the continual accurate investment of this spend, is no longer a luxury but an essential cornerstone to business success. As a result spending the time and gaining the right expertise to evaluate your services should be a non-negotiable.”

MTN Business strongly encourages organisations to review their overall technology investments, with particular focus for 2012 being on voice communication infrastructure. Continues Colyn; “The digital age, massive mobile opportunity and shift to everything as a service means that a stable, scalable and viable voice platform must be a key consideration for any business wanting to take advantage of communication innovations including Telecoms Expense Management (TEM), Unipresence and Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC).”

“Take FMC for example. A single device can connect through and be switched between wired and wireless networks. This means that there is no need for desk phones anymore. Users can make and receive calls wherever they are over many of the available connections. And instead of having multiple numbers, there is only one. Instead of having multiple voice mail boxes, there is only one. And best of all the management system is intelligent. If you are in a meeting, out of the office or simply not available, the re-routing and message capabilities are sophisticated enough to manage the caller’s expectations at all times.”

MTN Business is not only advising businesses of all sizes to spend the crucial time needed evaluating their technology platform, but is supporting this advice with a real outcome, by offering a complimentary voice communication audit for companies. “Through this industry initiative, we hope to provide telecommunication insight that, if pursued, will enable participating businesses to drive growth well into the coming years.”

All companies registering for the audit will also stand a chance to win R50 000,00 to use for their end of year function, or to donate to charity. Concludes Colyn; “At this time of year, we understand that business is manic and wrapping up on a number of urgent priorities. Sometimes the important priorities fall by the wayside, and at the end of the day have a larger impact than realised. As part of our drive to change the status quo and support viable technology implementation decisions, we hope this complimentary audit and competition will be that extra encouragement for companies to look at the important future priorities, today.”

Closing date to register for the complimentary audit and automatically be eligible for the prize valued at R 50 000,00 is 25th November 2011 at 12h00, with the winner to be announced on Friday, the 28th of November.

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Technology assessments crucial to business efficiency