Toshiba launch Touchpoints campaign

“TouchPoints has been created to make consumers fall in love with Toshiba by communicating how our products and technology change lives,” says Richard Bosman, marketing manager for Toshiba Computer Systems Southern Africa.

The campaign is themed ‘Dare To’, challenging consumers to do the things they’ve always dreamed of – and showing them that they will be able to achieve their dreams with the power of Toshiba technology.

The insight that Toshiba is bigger than users can imagine led the creative processes behind the campaign. “Toshiba’s technology touches our daily lives in myriad ways that we’re completely unaware of, from medical imaging to power generation, from illumination to home appliances, and the company’s components play a critical role in mobile communications,” he says.

The company’s tagline line of ‘Leading Innovation’ is true in so many ways: Toshiba introduced the first glasses-free 3D PC with its Qosmio notebook, and it is the only vendor that offers glasses-free 3D, Active 3D and Passive 3D TVs. “The two-minute brand commercial that is currently being flighted in cinemas and on TV has been created to show people just how Toshiba influences their lives, and how it can inspire them to ‘dare to be bigger than they can imagine.’”

This approach marks a departure from Toshiba’s existing messaging which has been heavily focused on products. The new campaign sells the brand first by illustrating Toshiba’s market leadership, and that subsequent product-based advertising will benefit from the halo effect created by the brand communication. “This brand-led strategy reinforces the values and qualities that make Toshiba a premium product,” he says.

The brand commercial shows Tosh, a blue robot introduced as the brand’s superhero in 2010, experiencing Toshiba’s Touchpoints as he navigates through a normal day’s events – and then shaking things up by daring to do things differently in a variety of situations. Toshiba have highlighted the innovation of the brand by portraying the lives of young professionals who are in careers that make regular people stop and dream of the heights that they could achieve. These include ballet dancers, an architect, a medical professional, and Ryan Giggs, one of the world’s most renowned soccer players.

“Tosh’s personality is one of pure optimism, self-belief and energy, and his presence transfers these qualities to the characters whose lives he touches – his presence is a catalyst for positive, daring thought, just as Toshiba’s technology empowers and inspires consumers to soar beyond their limitations by using Toshiba products.

“Tosh himself is the linking device, as he performs outrageous parkour stunts through the city as he peers in on each situation – parkour embodies the spirit of daring and declares by its existence that there are no boundaries,” he concludes.

The commercial is two minutes long, and is shot in 3D, again emphasising Toshiba’s positioning at the forefront of technology.

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Toshiba launch Touchpoints campaign