Kaspersky Lab Announces Organisational Changes and New Appointments in the Emerging Markets Management Structure

Vasily Dyagilev
Vasily Dyagilev

Vasily Dyagilev will be appointed Managing Director of Kaspersky Lab, Emerging Markets. The position is being vacated by Garry Kondakov who is set to take over as the company’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer (CSMO). The changes will also affect the regional division structure: a separate business unit will be set up to manage the company’s activities in Russia and the countries of Central Asia and Transcaucasia. The unit will report directly to the CSMO, with Sergey Zemkov continuing to head operations in these territories.

“Kaspersky Lab has demonstrated remarkable success in developing its business in the Emerging Markets region. The company now ranks first in the retail markets in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa and a majority of Eastern European countries,” comments Garry Kondakov. “I’m confident that the new appointments within the region’s management structure will allow us to enhance brand awareness and strengthen the company’s position on the global market.”

Vasily Dyagilev will take responsibility for growing the business in Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and in Africa, managing the local offices of the region directly. His main aims in this new role will include the continued development of sales channels and the expansion of marketing and technical support offered to partners.

“The countries of the Emerging Markets region offer considerable potential. After just a couple of years of intense business activity in these territories we have managed to achieve impressive results and establish the company as the market’s leading IT security vendor,” states Vasily Dyagilev. “Our future plans are no less ambitious. We intend to continue building up our presence in the region, with leadership in the corporate sector being our main strategic goal.”  

The strategic importance of Kaspersky Lab’s activities in Russia, Central Asia and Transcaucasia has been reflected in the new organisational structure of the company. These territories will be managed by a separate business unit that, along with five other business divisions (Western Europe; North America; Emerging Markets (Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa); the Asian-Pacific region; and Japan), will report directly to the CSMO. Under the leadership of Sergey Zemkov, one of the top priorities for Russia, Central Asia and Transcaucasia will be increasing sales in the consumer segment and consolidating the company’s position in the corporate sector of the information security market.

“Despite the enormous success of our overseas expansion, we are still very much focused on our presence in Russia and our Russian customers,” says Sergey Zemkov. “The new structural changes emphasize just how important the Russian market is – and always has been – for the strategic development of Kaspersky Lab. The IT security market in Russia is experiencing dramatic growth, opening up new possibilities to expand our business activities.”

Biographies in brief:

Garry Kondakov is one of Kaspersky Lab’s most successful and experienced managers. Having joined the company in 2002 as Director of Kaspersky Lab’s regional office for Russia, CIS and the Baltic states, Garry pursued a career path that led him to the post of Managing Director of the Emerging Markets region in which he supervised business activities in Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Vasily Dyagilev joined Kaspersky Lab in April 2009 as Head of Consumer Sales for Russia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In March 2011he was appointed Commercial Director for the Emerging Markets region that included all the aforementioned markets plus Latin America. In this position Vasily proved successful at developing and implementing a single sales and marketing strategy, enhancing the partner network and promoting dynamic growth throughout the region.

Sergey Zemkov has for many years successfully managed Kaspersky Lab’s business in Russia and in the countries of the former Soviet Union. He joined the company in 2003 as Head of Corporate Sales for Russia, the CIS and Baltic countries. In 2008 he was appointed Director of Sales for Russia and Transcaucasia. In October 2008 he was appointed Managing Director for Russia and over the next two years sales in Russia more than trebled. From January 2011, Sergey was also responsible for developing the business in the countries of Central Asia.

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Kaspersky Lab Announces Organisational Changes and New Appointments in the Emerging Markets Management Structure