Vox Supafone: A Great Choice for Businesses

Vox Telepreneur is offering customers an unbeatable deal this holiday season: A top-of-the-range cordless VOIP phone, R500 of free minutes and a lower phone bill every month for just R899 including delivery to anywhere in South Africa. Ideal for Business and home use, Vox Supafone is available directly from www.vox.co.za. The Supafone uses the customer’s ADSL line and the Vox network to make high-quality, low-cost calls over the Internet – and calls between Vox phones are completely free.

“South Africans deserve more choice,” says Vox Telepreneur’s Brad Gatter. “At Vox we believe in giving our customers choice, plus the additional benefits of no contracts, cheaper calls and money back on incoming calls. With this package, a customer is billed in arrears once their R500 worth of minutes has been exhausted”

“Vox Supafone is also a cost-effective business tool”, says Gatter: “With lower phone call costs, and, because inter-branch calls are free, drastically reduces costs for companies with multiple branches!”

“In addition”, says Gatter, the Vox rates are highly competitive: “As well as getting free calls to other Vox customers, you only pay 39c* a minute for local and national calls, and 96c* a minute for calls to mobile phones. We even pay back 15c a minute on incoming calls – so if you receive a lot more calls than you make, you could end up with a zero bill or even receive money back.”

The Supafone package includes a base station and two cordless handsets, with the option of adding up to six handsets for small offices. Customers can use a single ADSL line to surf the net and make phone calls at the same time. “It’s a no-brainer, EVERYBODY with an ADSL line should be benefitting from the Supafone,” says Gatter.

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Vox Supafone: A Great Choice for Businesses