HP Delivers Enhanced Fan Experience by Extending Access to Paul McCartney’s Digital Library

New paulmccartney.com portal provides access to music legend’s personal collection of songs, images, lyrics and more

HP today announced that music fans now have unprecedented access to Paul McCartney’s new portal destination, www.paulmccartney.com, which hosts the musician’s vast digital library of music, lyrics, photos, collections, merchandise, blogs and more.

Over the past year, HP and Paul McCartney’s MPL Communications, Ltd. worked closely to design, deploy and maintain a private cloud-based digital library, that catalogues and stores more than a million items from McCartney’s expansive personal collection, which spans more than five decades. Until now, the digital library had provided internal access only to MPL Communications, Ltd.

McCartney’s new dynamic portal leverages the assets and functionality of the underlying digital library to create an engaging and immersive experience for the music community. Built by HP and MPL Communications, Ltd., the site delivers an intuitive and user-friendly experience for fans, with metadata tagging and contextual structuring that enables types of content to be related.

Fans can view precisely what they want in a variety of ways. For example, they can search a certain album and find not only the songs, but also additional information associated with the songs, including lyrics, photography and videos.

“The idea is to intrigue people and bring them into our world with new facts, new photographs, news of what’s happening, accounts of what happened, backstage moments and all the stuff we can give that nobody else can,” said McCartney. “The website really brings the digital library to life by constantly pulling new content from my personal collection so there’s always a new experience for visitors.”

HP Enterprise Services built the digital library on an HP Converged Infrastructure – using servers, storage, networking and software – to seamlessly integrate the digital library and website.

HP technology gives MPL Communications, Ltd. the flexibility to easily retrieve assets for public use via the underlying digital library. As a result, fans also have the opportunity to select assets that are customised for on-demand viewing.

The new website also features a unique online music player – The Jukebox – that fans can use to listen to songs and build personal playlists with music pulled from the digital library. At the click of a link, fans can access historical information from a selection of McCartney songs or albums.

“Fans expect a richer and deeper experience than ever before,” said Jan Zadak, executive vice president, Global Sales, HP. “Our work with MPL Communications, Ltd. showcases the integral role that technology plays in driving the success of an Instant-On music organisation, by redefining the fan experience.”

Extracting business insight from data
HP Information Optimisation solutions played a critical role in organising and categorising McCartney’s personal collection for the digital library. The solutions provide a view into fan preferences, traffic trends and buying patterns on the website; MPL Communications, Ltd. is then able to convert this massive amount of data into business-actionable insight.

Protecting and monitoring the fan experience
HP Enterprise Security experts assessed the security needs for the library and the website to develop a solution that protects priceless assets and performs automated website performance monitoring to maintain the highest level of performance and service levels.

Instant management through hybrid delivery
HP also designed a Hybrid Delivery solution that consists of an HP-hosted private cloud combined with the MPL Communications, Ltd.’s redesigned and expanded on-premise IT infrastructure, so the company can manage and scale the website anywhere, anytime.

More information about MPL Communications, Ltd. and its Instant-On journey is available at www.hp.com/go/mccartney.

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HP Delivers Enhanced Fan Experience by Extending Access to Paul McCartney’s Digital Library