DCC delivers the Dell ‘Switch’ notebook

Customise your notebook to match your mood and look

In a world where people want their lifestyles to reflect their individuality, distributor Drive Control Corporation has launched Dell’s latest range of notebooks that allow users to change its look – the Inspiron Switch 15R.  These notebooks feature removable lids in over 20 colours and designs, providing a look that suits every mood and personality. 

This fun notebook is designed for the hip and happening person whose individuality is important to them – especially when you want to change your style and look at a moment’s notice.  The removable lid simply clips loose so you can swop your bright pink flowered look for a corporate black image, making that switch from afterhours ‘down time’ to corporate.

Sturdy clips make this lid more robust so should a clip happen to break off, you won’t need to replace your entire notebook – only the lid.

As this notebook is made with fun and ease in mind, Dell has bundled it with their Stage software, which allows you to further customise your notebook to best suit your needs. “Stage shortcuts those things you most use, so you can access Facebook, photos, word documents and other applications with one touch.  You can also easily access the most recently used programmes with one click of your mouse,” says Nitesh Devanand, Dell Consumer Product Specialist at DCC.

Two versions of this notebook are available. The higher end specification includes an Intel Core i7 processor with 6 Gigabytes (GB) of memory and a 640 GB hard drive.

The entry level version includes an Intel Core i3 processor with 3 GB of memory and 320 GB hard drive, but both include the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Premium for home use.  However, you have the option of increasing your memory with another 3GB as and when you require. 

For the home user that is looking for entertainment and convenience, the WiDi (Wireless Display) function allows you to view your favourite movies from your notebook on your HD TV – even in 3D if your TV allows it – without the hassle of connecting HDMI cables from your notebook to your TV.  This feature also allows you to connect wirelessly to a data projector.

This notebook features Dell’s standard three year, next day on-site warranty. This means that, should Dell not be able to successfully handle your troubleshooting via the phone, they will come to your home the next day and fix or replace your Dell Switch.

The Dell Inspiron Switch 15R i7 retails at a recommended price of R9499,00 and the i3 at R8199,00, inclusive of V.A.T. Their colourful lids range from between R 200,00 and R 700,00 including V.A.T.

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DCC delivers the Dell ‘Switch’ notebook