LaserCom partners with Multimedia Solutions on mobile messaging

LaserCom, one of South Africa’s largest mail fulfilment companies, has partnered with Multimedia Solutions to add personalised customer mobile messaging to its range of client services.

Multimedia Solutions is one of South Africa’s leading provider of mobile messaging, embracing a comprehensive range of MMS,SMS, mobi and application development, as well as other mobile services.

“Future-proofing our business is a key part of our strategy to ensure our business remains relevant in the next decade,” says Konni Hoferichter, divisional MD of LaserCom.

“We are positioning our business as a key partner to our customers in personalised multimedia communications today and for the foreseeable future. Partnering with Multimedia Solutions is part of this drive.”

Hoferichter adds that the print-for-pay market has been under significant pressure in the last two to three years with the advancement of competing technologies and access to the buying public being spread across various media.

”Print remains a core focus in our growing consumer market; and the nature of the consumer remains to be one who will always trust and want printed communiqué,” adds Hoferichter. 

“We know that the additional capabilities in various media streams are a key differentiator in our competitive market that our customers can take advantage of when doing business with us. To this end we have already seen buy-in from current major clients in using our expertise in building a formidable communication plan for their customer base that will encourage retention and loyalty and overall customer value in the total lifecycle of that customer.  And e-mail and SMS are critical in delivering on this promise, which is why we have partnered with Multimedia Solutions.“

Multimedia Solutions CEO Ross Venter says the partnership is all about customer relationships: “Our joint clients do not have to concern themselves with multiple interfaces. As far as they are concerned, they have one account executive, and they simply choose the channel that best suits them. Whether they prefer to use the traditional print channel, or direct mobile communication, clients can be assured of the best suppliers in their respective industries.”

The two companies already have joint clients, and will be exploring further opportunities.

LaserCom is a company in Byes Document Solutions, wholly owned by JSE-listed Altron.

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LaserCom partners with Multimedia Solutions on mobile messaging