Soarsoft delivers support and services for simple, high speed migration to the cloud

Soarsoft Africa, specialists in archiving migration, messaging and collaboration, is further gearing itself for the business requirement to migrate to the cloud. The company has expanded its tool box of technology and services enabling organisations to migrate critical functions quickly to the cloud without disruptions to business, facilitating a smooth transition.

Soarsoft Africa aligns itself with technology partners that specialise in archiving, migration and messaging whilst delivering the services, skills, experience and expertise that underpin the success of these projects.  These partners include Autonomy, Metalogix and TransVault to mention a few but the company has bolstered its offering with additional solutions and technologies that can assist with migrations to cloud platforms. This has been cemented with the recent partnership announcement with Binary Tree, a software vendor that delivers solutions for migrating enterprise messaging users and applications to on-premise and cloud based versions of Microsoft’s platforms.

Says Chris Hathaway, Director at Soarsoft Africa, “Cloud services have arrived and although South Africa is slightly behind the curve in comparison to its international counterparts, businesses will increasingly look towards cloud and hosted platforms as an alternative for various functions. The benefits are unquestionable; reducing capital investment and leveraging a pay-as-you-use model enabling companies to scale as and when they require – with ease.  There is a distinct gap in the market for companies that can assist with these migrations, which can be complex and require mitigation of risks such as disruption to business.  Understanding the complexity, integration with other business functions, risk and cost of the transition, is often a ‘show-stopper” when it comes to adopting cloud services.”

Further driving this requirement is the imminent launch of Microsoft Office 365 in South Africa, a suite of collaboration and productivity tools delivered through the cloud.  

Adds Hathaway, “Our technology partners have already geared themselves for this solution, which has been available in the US and Europe for some time, but only recently became available in our region.  This is evident with many of our product principles such as Metalogix and Binary Tree announcing general availability of Microsoft Office 365 support in their migration solution offerings. This requires stringent security and design requirements to be met and a significant investment to enable Exchange and SharePoint ‘cloud” migration to the Microsoft data centres.”

“Local companies can soon leverage the benefits of Office 365 such as productivity, reliability and scalability and Soarsoft is further able to assist companies to migrate to these services from ‘non’ Microsoft platforms such as IBM Domino / Lotus Notes and major ECM platforms to a Microsoft based cloud service.”
The core requirements during the transition are to analyze, co-exist and migrate, while also reduce the time to migrate significantly, provide better forecasting and planning, not to mention cost savings.
With more than a decade of experience in this niche area of IT, Soarsoft Africa understands the intricacies that exist within migrations and how to best tackle them.  The company will also be announcing a new development soon that will bring local “cloud” based migration solutions to South African businesses, providing choice and price competitiveness.

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Soarsoft delivers support and services for simple, high speed migration to the cloud