Roaming and Interconnect Africa conference

Name of Event: Roaming & Interconnect Africa 2012
URL of event:
Location:  Sandton Sun Johannesburg, South Africa located at Corner Fifth and Alice Streets. Sandton 2196. Tel: +27 11 780 5000 / Fax: +27 11 780 5002.
Starting Date: 16th May 2012
Duration: 2 days
Starting Time: 8h30
Cost of Event: Free for operators


Roaming & Interconnect Africa will focus on Innovation, developing winning strategies and Improving Customer satisfaction. The conference will explore the innovations and services of tomorrow, while providing pragmatic approaches and how-to experience in delivering them effectively and profitably.

RIC is aimed at those who wish to update themselves with news and views of recent developments, understand how other operators or groups are applying new or existent technology and exchange ideas with leading international experts in the field.

RIC is also the one-stop-shop for all of your Roaming & Interconnect business in Africa, gathering operators from across the continent. It is thus an excellent opportunity for networking with an unrivalled pool of valuable connections to grow your business.

RIC AFRICA will focus on six core areas:

1. R&I regulations and their impact on Operator’s Business Models in Africa
2. Evaluating the Economic factors of QoS and QoE
3. Implementing effective Revenue Assurance & Fraud Management programs
4. Pricing and Revenue Optimization – what value does CRM investments bring to the operator?
5. Roaming Hubs and their new challenge
6. Driving new revenue streams (Data Roaming, Prepaid Roaming, Maritime Roaming, New Trends…)

New Roaming & Interconnect team members or tier members working with the Roaming team will gain a detailed insight into the Roaming & Interconnect activity by learning from renowned experts of the field.

Seasoned Roaming team members will learn a variety of specialized techniques to assist in successfully driving their business while maximizing the benefits of networking.

Everyone who attends RIC will walk away with a greater understanding of the Roaming & Interconnect business in Africa

Post conference panel discussions: Roaming Hubs and their challenges & cross border services at discounted prices

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Roaming and Interconnect Africa conference