Fresh on DCC’s shelves and taking up hardly any space – the new HP All-in-One series

Distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC) has unveiled HP’s All-in-One (AiO) range of PCs, providing enthusiasts of a minimalistic style with a choice of the HP Pro 2430 AiO, the TouchSmart Elite 7320 and HP Compaq 8200 Elite business PCs. The range caters for every AiO lover’s taste, with each model requiring minimal desk space yet delivering eye-watering style. 
Deon Botha, HP Personal Systems Group and Magnetic Media Business Unit Manager at DCC,  “Starting off with the HP Pro 3420 AiO – this is the perfect PC for the Small to Medium Businesses (SMB), Small Office Home Office (SoHo), or discerning consumers. This PC includes features that are designed to enhance collaboration. Take for example the two microphones, built in Webcam and integrated premium stereo speakers – you are ready for that skype call or video conference. As it is so simple to install and use with its ‘out of the box productivity’, this is also the perfect match for an unmanaged IT environment where the business does not have an IT support department.”
Next up is the HP TouchSmart Elite 7320 AiO, designed for businesses focused on productivity and retail environments. The full High Definition (HD) 21-inch screen provides superior quality viewing at maximum viewing angles.  In addition, this model features touch screen technology, further making it ideal for retail environments.  Adds Botha, “This model is the perfect ‘in store’ companion where a mouse and keyboard is not required. For example, it can display a variety of colours and styles of clothing or products with a simple touch to navigate the shopper around the system.”

The HP Compaq 8200 Elite AiO is the ‘big daddy’ of the trio, geared for the high powered executive that not only requires a sleek, aesthetically pleasing design but also the power of high specifications behind the good looks.  With this in mind, this AiO is available with 64-bit Windows 7 Professional, Intel’s Q67 chipset and the option of a hard drive that packs up to 1 Terabyte (TB) of storage capacity, or alternatively a 160 Gigabyte (GB) solid state drive.  The integrated Gigabit network connection can leverage a super-fast Gigabit Ethernet network.  This model is also ideal for collaboration with its integrated Webcam and dual speakers, while the wireless keyboard and mouse further minimises the requirement for cables. In addition, this model features HP’s 3-year warranty Care Pack product on parts, labour and onsite services. This should suit the service level requirements of most businesses.

These AiO’s are suited for the business, yet creative environment, combining the need for business productivity and features that inspire and leave workspaces uncluttered and looking neat.

Botha adds, “Going green and saving on travel costs are obviously big motivators in implementing these All-in-Ones in businesses, especially when considering the cost savings of Skype communication and video conference calls. These PCs also feature HP Power assistant (energy saving), have a mercury-free WLED screen, are packaged in 100% recyclable packaging, and have received the E-Star 5.0 certification.

Not forgetting the original intent, HP has made sure that their AiO series is not only friendly on the environment, but also the consumer.  HP Protect Tools – allows you to lock down your confidential information and prevent access by unauthorised individuals – as well as HP Total Care and the pre-installed genuine Windows 7 provide peace of mind and will navigate you through any challenging day at the office or at home.

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Fresh on DCC’s shelves and taking up hardly any space – the new HP All-in-One series