Performance management for business-critical fax

FaxTrax, a new product from Vox Amvia, remotely monitors RightFax system performance for South African corporates – and allows instant troubleshooting to ensure business continuity.

RightFax enables companies to send, receive, track and manage thousands of fax messages a day – but, says Vox Amvia Head of Sales & Marketing Boudje Giljam, it’s important to manage fax server performance.

Keep system performance within defined thresholds

“There are always going to be busy times when capacity is under strain,” says Giljam. “Maybe your ERP system suddenly issues a thousand purchase orders, or there’s a month-end spike in loan applications. You need to know when your communications channels are tied up and people start getting busy signals. FaxTrax constantly monitors the status of your fax server and issues an alert the moment a specified threshold is exceeded.”

Use diagnostics to pinpoint problem areas

Armed with information, customers can actively manage their system resources to ensure communications are not interrupted. “The aim is always to avoid service interruptions happening in the first place, rather than trying to fix a problem after it’s happened,” says Giljam. “Active monitoring and management with FaxTrax enables a business to decide exactly how long they will permit a fax to stay in a queue before it’s sent, or how many minutes a month their customers will get busy signals.”

Better system management helps to keep costs low, adds Giljam. “Regular detailed reports and daily snapshots of system health and performance help managers allocate their resources more efficiently and plan for future use.”

Remote access for hassle-free administration

FaxTrax also offers secure remote access for the Vox Amvia Support Desk, enabling remote troubleshooting for customers who have SLAs. “We can also remotely deploy software and service releases so customers always have access to the latest version of the system, with no maintenance effort required.”

Security is ensured through a combination of secure communications protocols (SSL/TLS), robust authentication and intrusion resistance. In addition, FaxTrax offers a full audit trail of activity.
“Fax remains a critical part of business processes for many large organisations because it has a unique legal status,” says Giljam. “As a point-to-point communications medium it is extremely secure and preserves a clear audit trail including proof of delivery. That’s why large companies still use it for any document that forms part of a contract, like a purchase order or loan application form. FaxTrax makes it easier to maintain the best possible performance from these complex systems.”


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Performance management for business-critical fax