Datacentrix launches video learning to increase SharePoint adoption

Provider of high performing and secure ICT solutions, Datacentrix, has introduced a new service to assist local businesses in improving Microsoft SharePoint user adoption, providing on-demand video tutorial training for end users, administrators and developers.

According to Charl Joubert, Datacentrix ERP/ BI and SharePoint business MD, many companies lose out on utilising SharePoint to its full potential for document and form management, presenting line of business data, collaboration among peers and reporting, due to low or no user adoption.

“The combination of spoken and visual instruction is the most powerful, memorable and effective method of software training,” he explains. “It is less costly than having an onsite trainer or consultant visits and the videos are always available to play whenever a knowledge refresh on a particular topic is needed.”

Datacentrix’ on-demand video based tutorial offering will make SharePoint end users familiar with built-in tasks within the software, such as working with libraries, lists and pages, providing support where needed and ensuring that users follow best practices.

SharePoint server administrators will benefit from the video tutorials by gaining a greater understanding of how to manage the SharePoint environment optimally. Finally, developers will learn about the many codeless options that exist within SharePoint, to create applications or convert existing applications onto the platform.

To take advantage of Datacentrix’ introductory offer, please click on or contact Paul Viviers on 072 143 7289.

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Datacentrix launches video learning to increase SharePoint adoption