Vox Search Rankings set to boost small businesses

Vox Search Rankings, a new venture from Vox Telepreneur in partnership with Ipcoweb, offers an effective web development and search engine optimisation (SEO) service for small business.

“Many small to medium sized businesses spend a lot of money to develop their websites, but never really benefit because they don’t appear in search results. As business owners we tend to tick websites off our list once constructed and never revisit them with relevant or new content. It’s like having a badly laid out shop window that no one can see,” says Vox Telepreneur’s Brad Gatter. “Yet there are some relatively small changes one can make that can result in a big difference in how visible you are to potential customers.”

For just R500 a month, Ipcoweb and Vox offer a pre-formatted website and complete SEO toolkit. Higher-end packages, for up to R1,700, include articles and Google Adwords vouchers.

“With carefully chosen keywords, which Ipcoweb will assist with – you get more relevant visitors to your website, and a greater opportunity to turn them into paying customers. With more and more companies competing for the same virtual real estate, no business can afford to neglect its web presence.”

Vox Telepreneur and Ipcoweb are offering an additional customer-centric spin on this new product offering by running free Google workshops around the country to teach the basics of SEO. “This is certainly something that businesses can do for themselves,” says Gatter. “But we understand that most business owners don’t have the time, and so we are offering to manage this service on their behalf.”

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Vox Search Rankings set to boost small businesses