ATTO adapters now Thunderbolt enabled

Cape-based ICT distributor Syntech has announced that ATTO PCIe based host adapters can now be used with Thunderbolt-enabled laptops, desktops and all-in-ones such as Apple Mac systems to provide unrivalled performance.

Until now there has not been a way to use ATTO PCIe based host adapters with notebooks or machines that don’t have a way of connecting PCIe cards.  However, with the beta release of brand new drivers, it is now possible for end users to achieve transfer speeds of up to 10 GB/s.

Ryan Martyn, a director of Syntech, said that ATTO shared storage controllers have boasted leading performance and stream counts in video applications for almost seven years. “With the introduction of Thunderbolt professional content creation applications will benefit from solutions containing ATTO Thunderbolt-enabled storage controllers with the ATTOView interface.

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The ATTOView graphical user interface (right) provides easy to use monitoring and management for Thunderbolt-enabled storage controller products. ATTOView provides basic status and management tools for “prosumer” and professional class storage products powered by ATTO.

• In-band access, no separate software needed

• Controller and enclosure temperature monitoring

• Drive and enclosure status reporting

• RAID level management

• Firmware updating

• OEM Customizable look and feel

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ATTO adapters now Thunderbolt enabled