Syntech diversifies into the CCTV market

Cape-based ICT distributor, Syntech SA, has diversified into the CCTV market by signing a distribution agreement with CP Plus, one of the world’s leading suppliers of CCTV solutions.

Syntech, established in 2002, offers a wide range of product lines and has become recognised for its focus on professional storage and memory with high performance products such as Patriot, ATTO, OCZ, Sonnet, G-Technology and Rocstor. These products are specifically imported to service media rich environments including clients within the film and production, photography and architectural industries.

CP Plus’ products are aimed at markets that span retail to public spaces, special events to offices and airports to homes. The products range from CCTV cameras, Digital Voice Recorders and Special Digital Video Recorders to Network Video Recorders like Mobile Digital Video Recorders, Compression Cards and IP cameras.

Said Craig Nowitz, MD of Syntech: “While the signing of a distribution deal with CP Plus signals our entry into the CCTV market, this move does complement our product range because we have a strong focus on storage.  Supplying a range of CCTV solutions is seen as a natural progression for Syntech, which will now be able to supply a turnkey solution, including  cameras, recording devices and storage.”

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Syntech diversifies into the CCTV market