Have fun with Gammatek’s brand new Ozaki accessories

Gammatek, leading distributor of Branded Technology Accessories in Southern Africa, now offers Ozaki fans the chance to show off the latest fashion statements for their Apple devices – the new iCarry Time2Brick and Time2Boom sound amplifiers; one of the thinnest iPhone4s covers in the world; the new Dynasty , Backbone and  “Good life “ covers; three new coloured Stylus Pens as well as the very exciting Plug & Play Wireless Smart IP Camera.

iCarry Time2Brick
iCarry Time2Brick

The new iCarry Time2Brick and the iCarry Time2Boom amplifier not only looks like two Lego pieces, it also amplifies your iPhone or iPod’s sound output five times. The device needs no power or batteries and because it is made from silicone, the two blocks can even come apart – which will ensure to make this little amplifier a real attraction! To summarise, the iCarry basically collects the sound from the iPhone’s built-in speaker and amplifies it around a room to ensure crystal clear sound. There is no doubt that both the iCarry Time2Brick and Time2Boom amplifiers will simplify your life and your music experience, wherever you are!

iCarry Time2Boom
iCarry Time2Boom

The new ultra slim 0.4mm iCoat cover is one of the thinnest iPhone4s covers in the world. The cover is seamless and weighs only 4grams. If you don’t like bulky or flashy covers, this ultra slim 0.4mm iCoat is ideal for you! In fact, it is so thin and light, you will hardly notice it! The cover is available locally in 6 different colours.

Ozaki Good Life Stainless Steel iPhone cases

OZAKI is a brand that brings people a good life and a better life, so here we are ready to introduce you to our new product that definitely meets how we named a ‘good life’.

The intention of doing these new series of ‘‘good life’’ iPhone cases is that sometimes people might have forgotten or might not even know about the Wisdom of the Chinese Calligraphy, therefore we want to draw your attention back on the ancient Chinese culture by putting the meaningful calligraphy art on the cases so that reminds you to think about the meanings of your own life. All of these meaningful writings gathered several famous calligraphy masters from different dynasties.

“Love”, love is the best answer to all your questions. Only when you love every part of yourself with no fear, love yourself in and out, love your thoughts, actions, growth and experiences, you can then bring the whole world endless love.

“Play”, play is all about having fun in life. Only when playing can human be fully inspired of their abilities, creativities, stimina and absortive without hesitation. Life is a long game and your are the main charactor, only when you try play the fullest, you will start loving it.

“Dare”, like OZAKI’s slogan, “dare to be”. You know better than everyone else how to reach your goal deep in your heart, but if you are only ‘‘thinking’‘about how to take actions without actually ‘‘doing’’, nothing will change and you know it. To really conquer fears, just dare.

Ozaki Stylus Pen

You can now also give your iPhone or iPad a ‘finger’, by accessorising it with the i-Stroke pen which is available in black, white, red and now also in blue, yellow and pink. It is ideal to use for gaming, typing and significantly enhances the touch screen experience. It also doubles up as a great looking ball point pen that simply takes a Parker refill.

Bling for Her
Bling for Her

The brand new Ozaki O!care Plug & Play wireless smart IP camera gives the nanny cam a new meaning! It can be positioned anywhere in a room – even mounted upside down from the roof – record and take snaps at any angle. The best part about this new O!care camera is the fact that up to 20 users can control the device from anywhere through a free application downloadable on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The O!care can be applied as a security monitor or simply to keep an eye on pets, babies and even the elderly. The device provides live view with sound; it has a built-in motion detector; an ultra friendly design and is easily set up and used.

Another brand new accessory introduced by Ozaki is the iCoat BlingBing for her. The Bling ensures protection all around the edges of your iPhone, is easily applied around the phone and truly makes a fashion statement at any occasion. The BlingBling is guaranteed to draw lots of attention.

Other products in the Ozaki range available locally include:

Ozaki iCoat Range

The iCoat range includes the Daily Wardrobe offering three different cases in a pack and is available in a variety of colours. Probably the most ‘famous’ and extremely popular range is Fame & Fortune. These cases are a must have for your Apple device and is truly the epitome of style and fashion. It will give your device a different edge and guarantees that you will be the envy of all your friends.

The iCoat range also includes various screen protection options, including the Anti Bacterial Screen Protection which is a first for the South African market. It will help to keep you safe from harmful bacteria and is therefore a very good option for those who are more health conscious. Also in the range are the Anti Fingerprint and Anti Glare screen protectors as well as the Privacy Protector.

Another iCoat accessory for iPods’ is the slap on iPod Nano 6G Wrist Band available in a combination of black & orange; white and the very popular pink. This provides for an interesting addition to any outfit and with the wide range of colours, it can be changed as often as you want! This wrist band turns your nano into an actual watch which makes it the perfect accessory when visiting the gym, going for a run or just for everyday wear. And when you don’t feel like being colourful, the range also offers wrist bands in black, grey and white.

Ozaki O!
Ozaki O!

Ozaki iSuppli & iNeed

The iNeed iPhone 4 home kit is a multifunction docking station for the iPhone. It does not only serve as a hands free dock, but also charges your device, synchronizes data and includes a phone cover and screen guard. The iSupply Home Kit is a multi functional docking stand for iPod, iPhone and iPad. You also have the option of horizontal or vertical viewing and typing. it is compatible for the iPad 1 & 2 and synchronize and charges these devices

Ozaki iMini

The iMini Portable Dock Digital Sound System for iPod, is the ideal bedside accessory. It two directional speakers which means you will have stereo sound throughout a room, a FM dual alarm clock, it serves as a synchronizer for your data and it charges your device – all at once! It is available in red and silver and another benefit is the fact that it weighs very little and is small enough to take anywhere.

iStroke S

The iStroke S is a tap stylus which can be stored by attaching it to your iPad or iPod Touch charging port.

Retail Values

The Ozaki range by Gammatek is available at all major consumer electronic and mobile phone retail stores.







     Ozaki O! Plug & Play wireless smart IP camera for iOS devices


iCoat Range

     Daily Wardrobe


     Fame & Fortune range.


     Anti Bacterial Protection skins


     Good Life iphone4s covers


     Privacy front and Clear Back Protector skins


     iPod Nano 6G wrist band




     Ultra thin 0.4mm iCoat cover


     iCoat Dynasty and iCoat Backbone


     Ozaki iCoat for iPad 2 with Stylus Pen


     Ozaki Bling for Her


iSupply & iNeed

     iSupply Home


     iNeed iPhone 4 home kit



     iMini travel dock digital sound system with clock radio



Gammatek was recently announced supplier of the year, for Vodacom 2010 and has won the Vodacom 4U supplier Excellence Award for the past consecutive five years.

For more information on Gammatek’s product range please visit www.gammatek.co.za

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Have fun with Gammatek’s brand new Ozaki accessories