Telecommunications and creative design can advance Africa, says MTN as it open Design Indaba 2012 conference

MTN’s General Manager of Brand and Communications, Ryan Gould, officially opened the Design Indaba 2012 conference with a welcome address that acknowledged that mobile telephone networks can be used as a vehicle to advance the African continent.

“To be clear, I do not believe a mobile telephone network can solve Africa’s problems but I do believe that we can be the vehicle, for people who want help,” said Gould in front of an audience of some 3000 delegates and simulcasts to select cities in South Africa and rest of the world. “People like you in the audience, who with your creativity, are responsible for the shaping of culture and hence, society.”

Design Indaba is currently running at the Cape Town International Convention Centre with the conference taking place from 29 February to 1 March and the expo running from 2-4 March.

“I believe that together we can progress Africa faster with our technology and your ideas,” continued Gould, “Because the faster we can move your ideas around and the more broad our bandwidth, the more we can allow you to say and the more you can say, the more we can share and the better we can make this continent and the world.”

MTN supports various sponsorship properties that showcase the very best in local talent across music, sport and education to name but a few. Design Indaba recognises and celebrates local creative work across all fields and therefore is a perfect platform for the telecommunications giant to be a part of.

MTN has cast Y’ello blocks all over CTICC and designers designers as well as creatives are encouraged to scribble down their personal philosophy, insight or wisdom on creativity. The MTN Expo Stand carries a theme to immortalise designers and creatives’ most creative thoughts and expression and wil be exhibited during the expo.

“None of our technology means anything without the right ideas,” noted Gould as he set the tone for knowledge that would be imparted by forthcoming speakers. “There may be a throw away comment, a phrase said in jest or something said in passing from one of the speakers that inspires you, that collides with an idea that’s been resting at the back of your mind to form something new. Something you can share,” he concluded.

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Telecommunications and creative design can advance Africa, says MTN as it open Design Indaba 2012 conference