Connection Telecom implements substantial rate cuts

“In line with our commitment to follow the annual reduction of interconnect rates to mobile operators and Telkom, Connection Telecom has reduced its Telviva call rates as of the 01 March 2012,” says David Meintjes, MD of Connection Telecom.

“We believe we are leading the market in our mission to bring down real total cost of telecommunications for customers and that this is one contributing component of the costs,” adds Meintjes.

As of Thursday, the rate for calls to and between mobile networks is reduced from 73c per minute to 56c per minute as part of the process being managed by the Independent Communications Authority of SA.

“We aim to address all level of costs from infrastructure to PBX and call costs,” says Meintjes.
Our new rates from the 01 March are:

Destination Rate
CTEL local 0075
MTN 0.75
MTN – Off Peak 0.70
Vodacom 0.75
Vodacom – Off Peak 0.70
Cell C 0.85
Cell C Off Peak 0.80
Telkom 8TA 0.95
Telkom 8TA Off Peak    0.90
Telkom (local and national) 0.275
Telkom Off-Peak 0.235
United Kingdom 0.275
United States 0.275










* No minimum connect charge

** Pure per second billing

*** All pricing – EX VAT

“While the outbound call cost reduction here brings a significant reduction of around 20%, there are other areas to look for optimisation in calling patterns,” adds Meintjes, “such as branch to branch; branch to head office and head office to branch; business to customers and business to suppliers. Building an ecosystem of on-net calling brings further cost optimisation.”


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Connection Telecom implements substantial rate cuts