Start your own photo book business with Konica Minolta’s photo-PRESS

The photo book market is still in its infancy in South Africa. Although photo books are already being produced, the anticipated growth figures are astonishing. According to Futuresource Consulting, international online purchases continue to dominate with more than 23 million photo books projected for 2012, as opposed to 14.5 million in 2009.

Bidvest company, Konica Minolta South Africa is proud to announce the local availability of photo-PRESS, Konica Minolta’s photo book solution, which is set to provide small to large print providers from both the printing and photo industry with the opportunity to start their own unique and profitable business entities.

“With customers’ increased page throughput, the ROI for photo book production could be huge,” explains Leon Minnie, product manager: production systems at Konica Minolta South Africa. “Larger format and higher value books will also take a bigger share of the market, along with increased page runs, personalised photo covers, glossy paper stock and embossing, which all ensure continued price buoyancy. Konica Minolta’s photo-PRESS solution can assist companies in reaching this high margin, high turnover market.”

Minnie maintains that if the investment in a photo-quality digital press and finishing equipment has already been made, your route to market is a comparatively low cost one. “Because the market is still immature, the potential is huge for the early adopters. Companies have a unique opportunity to access this high margin, high value revenue stream now, and in the future, by offering products that no-one else can.

“Anyone who has access to an Apple Mac or PC, an Internet connection and digital images is a potential photo book solution customer,” he states. “The technology inherently has the flexibility to work with the professional and consumer alike, and official industry market research reveals that approximately 70 percent of photo gift purchasers are more than likely to return for more, meaning an ever-expanding and loyal customer base.”

With its access to unlimited branding, product design, templates and pricing – all out of the box – photo-PRESS users have full control over the business models they wish to promote. “This means that by installing the photo-PRESS solution, you can build different products, brands and web sites for different customers and markets, all with variable looks, pricing and client features.”

The unrivalled flexibility of photo-PRESS provides users with the following benefits:

• Fully customisable and configured software, front and back end;
• A complete solution from one source, including hardware, software and support;
• Unlimited branding\ skinning (business to business to customer);
• Built-in shopping basket, e-commerce and back-office;
• Production management, full control over output;
• Pre-flight check; and
• Output to any device.

“No other printer, photo lab or photo-PRESS licensee holder can output your client’s file as every photo-PRESS download is individually customised with its own specific licence key. This feature enables you to service important house accounts knowing that their print requirements can be fulfilled solely by you and removing the worry of aggressive competition.

“Essentially, Konica Minolta’s photo-PRESS photo book solution will allow you to build a business that can increase profitability, open new markets, secure customer loyalty and increase your customer base – one application that provides endless opportunities,” he concludes.

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Start your own photo book business with Konica Minolta’s photo-PRESS