Voipex announce enhancement to South African Distribution Agreement with Nology

As part of continued growth in South Africa Voipex announces an enhancement to the existing agreement with Nology that will see the organisation act as the exclusive partner for ViBE sales, distribution and technical support into the ISP and Telco sectors.

The enhancement to the agreement will deliver a more consistent and focussed technical and development approach to the ISP and Telco sectors for ViBE, a technology that delivers bandwidth optimisation, convergence of voice and data across a single link and superior bonding functionality. Technology that is essential for the delivery of robust and reliable broadband solutions.

Nology have been a distribution partner for Voipex for over 12 months and this enhancement to the agreement rewards Nology’s investment in technical and support resources and the high levels of penetration into the Tier One, Tier Two ISP and Telco sectors.

Commenting on the new agreement, which extends into 2013, Owen Rodgers, VP Sales and marketing for the Africa region said:

‘We have seen significant take up of ViBE in South Africa and the wider African region, in signing Nology as our exclusive distribution partner for the ISP and Telco sectors we are able to deliver more focussed and consistent technical and support services to our customers in this strategically important sector. Nology’s rigorous approach to technical and support excellence makes this a logical decision for Voipex. Furthermore Nology’s experience in the ISP space and their understanding of VoIP, data networking and edge devices means that customers can now receive an integrated solution like never before’.

Nology have been active in the South African market for over 10 years and can count on the majority of ISP’s and Telkom as their valued customers. Nology take to market several complimentary technologies for ViBE including the recently launched ‘ViBE enabled’ Billion 7300NXV and network device management tool OneMS. Taken together these provide for greater management of the ViBE solution on the network via TR069 and auto-provisioning of the CPE device ultimately providing a far more robust and easily manageable solution.

Voipex will continue to work with existing and new partners in the non-ISP sectors of the market where a more specialised and integrated approach is required based on the unique infrastructure, security and performance requirements.

Ernst Ohlhoff, VOIP Business Unit Manager at Nology commenting further said: ‘Nology has seen great success with the implementation of VIBE with our customers and we are very excited about the increasing number of VOIP Service Providers becoming ViBE enabled. There is no doubt that ViBE has a key role to play in enabling widespread adoption of carrier-grade VOIP in the South African market, especially over best-effort broadband connections such as ADSL. With ViBE, many restrictive qualities of the so-called ‘last mile’ can be overcome, like allowing three times more calls on the same bandwidth. Since this translates into a more economical use of an internet connection, it makes VOIP even more attractive and cost-effective. In addition, ViBE is one of the first (if not the only) product that offers byte-level QoS over ADSL. This advanced QoS (Quality of Service) makes it possible to transmit Voice and Data on the same link, without loss of quality on the voice. Add to that the excellent built-in redundancy and failover facilities of VIBE and you get a product perfectly suited to address the challenges faced in South Africa with VOIP and broadband restrictions.’

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Voipex announce enhancement to South African Distribution Agreement with Nology