Windows-based IP PBX delivers affordable, high-quality telephony for SMMEs

Vox Telepreneur says 3CX, the software-based PBX for Windows recently added to their product suite, will create savings for small businesses while also helping them keep up with changing technology. “3CX delivers all the functionality SMMEs need and more, at a price they can afford,” says product manager Jack van Wyk.

Unlike traditional PBXs, 3CX treats voice calls as if they were data, using the Internet Protocol (IP) that is now the basis of most global communication and new applications development. “The question is no longer whether it’s a good idea to convert to IP,” says Van Wyk. “The only question now is when you make the move. IP means you can do a lot more, but spend a lot less.”

“The old model of buying a box meant that most small companies had to make a trade-off between the services they wanted and the price they could afford,” explains Van Wyk. “They were effectively locked out of high-end services. But with IP-based PBXs like 3CX, adding a new service is as simple as changing a setting. There are even modules to add call centre functionality – 3CX can grow with your business. “

Van Wyk says the fact that 3CX is Windows-based makes it especially suitable for smaller businesses. “The 3CX system plugs into any Windows network. You don’t need sophisticated programming skills and can easily manage it yourself from a web-based interface. It’s also a proven product with a great track record.”

Since Vox Telepreneur is part of the larger Vox Telecom group, Van Wyk says customers benefit from the accumulated experience of the whole group. “We have a lot of experience doing Voice over IP (VoIP) installations and we know what works and what doesn’t,” he says. “We work with our customers to make sure their networks are voice-ready and that they get great quality of service as well as cost savings. The Telkom network is always available as a back-up route.”

The savings can be substantial. “Vox-to-Vox calls on our network are free,” says Van Wyk, “and our rates for off-network calls are 96c a minute to mobile and 39c to local and national destinations, offering the customer at minimum a 30% saving on their traditional land line. So our customers stand to save on their calls as well as their PBX costs.”

Vox also offers an optional addition of a full Service Level Agreement (SLA) to 3CX customers; these systems are then remotely managed and controlled to ensure they remain working at peak capacity.

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Windows-based IP PBX delivers affordable, high-quality telephony for SMMEs