Konica Minolta Medical SA unveils portable DR solution

Bidvest company, Konica Minolta Medical South Africa (KMMSA) has announced its newest offering in digital radiography (DR), the AeroDR Portable Solution.

“The AeroDR Portable Solution efficiently turns your current portable x-ray equipment into a digital wireless solution,” explains Wendy Biggins, product manager: medical at KMMSA. “Unlike computed radiography (CR) technology, multiple cassettes are no longer needed for portable x-ray procedures. In addition, cable-free, wireless DR enables quick image review which reduces patient discomfort and stress.”

The combination of the AeroDR Portable Retrofit Unit, small and compact enough to be stored in the cassette storage space of the current portable x-ray unit, and the CS-7 Portable console enables x-ray images to be previewed within three seconds allowing re-exposures to be taken on the spot, if required. With the AeroDR Portable Solution’s roaming panel technology, the panel can be used at anytime and in any place, not only for portable x-ray procedures but also for general radiology procedures, radiological emergency responses and in operating theatres – in fact, it can be used in any area where the AeroDR unit has already been installed.

The AeroDR Portable Solution will be available in South Africa soon. For more information, please contact KMMSA on tel: +27 (0) 11 661-9000 or e-mail: [email protected], or visit www.kmmsa.com.

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Konica Minolta Medical SA unveils portable DR solution