LG’S New CINEMA 3D Smart TV is smarter than others

LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV offers full Internet Experience

LG reaffirmed its commitment to the connected TV movement by offering an upgraded Smart TV package in 50 percent of its 2012 LCD TV line. In addition to premium content from providers like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and others, new content options this year include a one-stop-shop for 3D content (via the 3D Zone) and close to 1 200 total applications in the LG App store. LG also enhanced the user Web browsing experience by incorporating HTML 5 and Flash so it can now function as a full internet browser with video support.

The LM9600 CINEMA 3D Smart TV features the LG Dual Core chipset, which powers faster loading speeds. Consumers can also access online content easily through a built-in Wi-Fi connection. With Mobile HD Link (MHL), consumers can connect (hardwire) compatible mobile devices to the TV to charge and play its content (launch apps, games or access multimedia files), including 3D content, on the big screen using the Magic Remote to navigate. Finally, this year’s Smart TV dashboard will be customisable so consumers can navigate and personalise their interface by putting their favourite content options on the main page.

LG’s CINEMA 3D technology employs the revolutionary Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) technology to give viewers a great 3D effect and uses glasses that don’t flicker like active shutter glasses. It also virtually eliminates cross-talk to help provide a more comfortable 3D viewing experience. The 3D glasses are battery-free, affordable and don’t shutter open and closed so both eyes receive an image simultaneously and are now 20% lighter for more comfort and longer viewing. With new 3D Depth Control, viewers can optimise 3D content to their personal preference by adjusting the amount 3D effect applied to the content. 3D Sound Zooming offers users a maximised 3D experience with sound effect changing in accordance with the movement of on-screen objects. Upgraded 2D to 3D Conversion with improved depth effect enables any 2D content to be seen in immersive 3D.

Getting Interactive
LG’s Dual Play function takes gaming to new levels of excitement. Many multi-player video games rely on a split-screen to show each player’s perspective. However, Dual Play enables each player to enjoy a full screen view (in 2D) simultaneously through two different sets of polarized glasses.

Also featured in the new LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV is the CINEMA SCREEN Design, where the bezel size has been reduced to only 1 mm, creating a more optimal and comfortable environment for immersive 3D viewing.

The CINEMA SCREEN Design translates the latest advances in LG’s display technology into an aesthetically superior form. Bezels that surround the new CINEMA 3D Smart TVs have been slimmed down to negligible levels, removing physical obstructions to allow greater immersion of 3D effects, reminiscent of movie screens at cinemas.

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LG’S New CINEMA 3D Smart TV is smarter than others