Cisco Awards Johnson Controls Global WorkPlace Solutions Special Recognition

Johnson Controls Global WorkPlace Solutions (GWS), a leading provider of facilities, commercial real estate and energy management for many of the world’s largest companies, today announced that it received a Special Recognition Service Award from Cisco. This honor recognizes Johnson Controls GWS for its exceptional partnership during the Japan earthquake and tsunami in March of 2011. The recognition was given during Cisco’s Supplier Day, recently held at its headquarters in San Jose, Calif.

“Johnson Controls GWS demonstrated exceptional partnership during the crisis with their efforts to support the implementation of the Cisco business continuity plan with the Cisco Crisis Team, including planning for a number of contingency measures,” said Rob Falivene, chief procurement officer, Global Procurement Services at Cisco. “At a time of extreme stress and demand on resources, Johnson Controls’ staff went above and beyond their normal requirements to ensure Cisco met every hurdle.”

Cisco presented awards to suppliers in recognition of their contributions to Cisco’s success in fiscal year 2011. The Supplier Day Awards mark the importance of supplier relations as part of Cisco’s strategy and is a significant milestone for the company in fostering stronger supplier relationships.

“This Special Recognition Service Award is a tremendous achievement and reflects the incredible hard work and commitment of our team under extraordinary circumstances,” said Susan Wojciechowski, vice president, technology market, GWS, for Johnson Controls. “We are dedicated to our customers and this award – which is given to only four supplier-partners out of thousands – recognizes that dedication.”

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Cisco Awards Johnson Controls Global WorkPlace Solutions Special Recognition