DCC announces HP’s refreshed 630 and 4000 notebook series – higher performance, same price

Distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC) are delivering HP’s latest notebook refresh – the HP 630 notebook and ProBook s series which comprises of the 4330s, 4530s and 4730s – providing a boost in speed and performance but at the same price as its previous iteration.

Says Deon Botha, HP PSG Business Unit Product Specialist at DCC: “The key enhancement to these new notebooks is the new Intel processors which have been added to the machines. With the new Intel processors customers can expect even better performance from the already great performing notebooks.”

The HP 630 entry level model has been updated with the new Intel Celeron B815 processor, which replaces the T3500 processor. The high end model now has an Intel Core i3-380m processor, replacing the older i3-370M Processor.

“With Intel Pentium, Celeron, Dual Core and Core i3 models, the 630 series allows home users and students the choice of specifications that meet their budget. There are no unnecessary additions that increase the price beyond their means, making a top brand like HP available to the entry level market buyer.”

The internal memory, hard drive and operating system stay the same as previous generations. The HP 630 notebook has an LED-backlit display, making the display lighter and more energy efficient. You also have the options of integrated WiFi, a VGA webcam and great tailor made accessories like the HP notebook case, 2.0 USB docking station, adjustable notebook stand and LAN and USB Travel Hub that allows you to connect to a network and add devices such as a printer whilst on the go much easier.

The entry level HP 4330s ProBook includes two options: the Core i5 processor and now the Intel i3 processor version is also available, with integrated 3G connectivity to suite the mobile user on select models.

The 4530s ProBook range includes the most changes. The entire range in this series includes a general update to Intel’s Core i processor technology and sports a 750 Gigabyte (GB) hard drive, ensuring you can store all your digital data on the notebook without the need to have external hard drives. New to this series is the option of a Core i5 processor without 3G, , which brings down the cost of this notebook, and would ideally suit a person that is not mobile or if you already own a dongle form a cellular operator.

Not taking anything away from what made the 4730s ProBooks so popular, namely the dedicated graphics cards and large 17.3-inch LED screens, HP have also upgraded their processors with a 2350M and 2450M chipset for the entry-level and high end models.

“Fortunately, the HP s notebook series has retained its good looks as it still features the original attractive silver finish. These notebooks are geared towards small to medium businesses (SMB) and students. HP have acknowledged the need for improved operating systems, faster processors and more Random Access Memory (RAM) to keep up with multitasking and mobile connectivity. All of these features, including a one year warranty, are bundled at an aggressive price,” says Botha.

The HP 630 and s series notebooks are available at all major retailers. The HP 630 is available at R 4,399.00; the HP ProBook 4330s i5 at R 9,699.00; the HP ProBook 4530s i5 at R 8,680.00 and the ProBook 4730s i5 at R 10,099.00. All prices are inclusive of V.A.T.

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DCC announces HP’s refreshed 630 and 4000 notebook series – higher performance, same price