SMEs stand to save up to 40% fax bills with RightFax and Vbill

Small to medium-sized companies with RightFax servers can save between 10% and 40% on their monthly Telco fax costs by using the Vbill system from Vox Amvia, says the company’s MD Craig Freer.

“Fax is still used for millions of critical documents every month, from application forms to invoices to purchase orders,” says Freer. “But most companies have no idea what their Telco fax costs are – which can be a lot.”

“We introduced Vbill two years ago to serve companies who had Telco fax bills of R 15,000 or more a month,” says Freer. “We’re now able to extend the savings of Vbill to medium-sized corporates and smaller companies.”

There is no upfront hardware or infrastructure spending needed, says Freer. “If a customer already has RightFax server, all they need to do is call us. We guarantee monthly savings. The only difference they will notice is that their fax bill will come from us instead of another Telco provider – and it will be lower. Our test customers are achieving savings of 20% on average.”

“This is the ideal solution for the larger SME or medium corporate with RightFax installed,” says Freer.

Further details are available on the company website at

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SMEs stand to save up to 40% fax bills with RightFax and Vbill