Kaspersky Lab Starts the New Racing Season with Scuderia Ferrari!

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content and threat management solutions, is back at the sharp end of Formula One in partnership with Scuderia Ferrari. The legendary Italian racing team unveiled its new single-seater for the 2012 season on the 3rd of February – and the Kaspersky Lab logos on three sides of the nose cone took their F1 bow in the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne on the 18th of March.

“We are delighted to continue our presence in the world of Formula One. Our partnership with Scuderia Ferrari has brought new passion to the company and remains outstandingly successful. Kaspersky Lab share the same core values of Ferrari: we aim high, always move forward and keep on innovating. We are happy to root for Scuderia in the forthcoming season, speeding ahead on the nose cones of the 2012 Scuderia Ferrari single-seater!” said Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and co-founder of Kaspersky Lab.

Kaspersky Lab entered the world of motor racing in May 2010, sponsoring the Ferrari GT2 cars of the AF Corse team in the Le Mans Series Championship, and assuming the status of ‘Supplier’ to Scuderia Ferrari in Formula One. Half a year later Kaspersky Lab became a ‘Sponsor’ of the team and the Kaspersky Lab logo appeared on Ferrari’s Formula One cars. The companies have also released a co-branded product – Kaspersky Internet Security Special Ferrari Edition. This security solution comes with a Ferrari-style user interface and the Ferrari Virtual Academy video simulator game to align Kaspersky Lab’s best-of-breed anti-malware technologies with the world-famous image of Scuderia Ferrari.

The high-profile Kaspersky Lab logo featured on the cars’ nose cones and sides, on the drivers’ overalls and the team uniforms will be on display at all Formula One races in the 2012 and 2013 seasons. This is part of the new expanded sponsorship agreement between Scuderia Ferrari and Kaspersky Lab which was unveiled at the final Formula One Grand Prix of the 2011 season in São Paulo.

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Kaspersky Lab Starts the New Racing Season with Scuderia Ferrari!