Kaspersky Lab announces the on-shelf availability of Kaspersky ONE, the Universal Security solution

Kaspersky Lab announces the availability of the Kaspersky ONE box product which will be available in stores locally from 31st March 2012, following the worldwide online release earlier this month. Kaspersky ONE is a multi-platform, user-centric Universal Security solution that brings comprehensive protection for the wide range of personal devices, starting from personal computers and notebooks and all the way to smartphones and tablets.

Says Alexander Erofeev, Head of Strategic Marketing and Brand Communication at Kaspersky Lab, says: “Security solutions have always evolved and been developed in line with the progression of digital threats. Now that it has become common for many users to store their digital assets in electronic format on a variety of devices, a need has arisen for a of comprehensive package that offers protection against all types of digital threats and mitigate the risks to our digital assets. We are pleased to offer Kaspersky ONE, a universal box solution aimed to address just this. This product incorporates a unique package of state-of-the-art technologies, offering reliable protection from digital threats of all types.”

Kaspersky ONE is available in different packages, for 5 devices. This product can be used to protect desktop and mobile computers running Windows or Mac OS X, smartphones and tablets. Each of these devices can be secured with one of the applications, optimised for use with the corresponding software platform:
• Comprehensive protection for Windows-based PCs
• Award-winning anti-malware protection for Macs
• Protection from cyber threats and anti-theft technology for Smartphones¹
• Essential protection from mobile malware for Android-based Tablets

The installation and activation of Kaspersky ONE for any device is easy, with one universal activation code being used. There is no need to upgrade subscription for each device-specific application; instead users receive a one-stop solution. The box product will provide protection for the selected number of personal devices for the duration of one year, with free product updates during this period at a RRP of R749.00 for 5 devices.

Kaspersky ONE is still available for purchase via the online store at a 30% discount. For more information please visit, www.kaspersky.co.za

¹ Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian or Android-based devices are supported

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Kaspersky Lab announces the on-shelf availability of Kaspersky ONE, the Universal Security solution